Tartan Spotlight: Adam Hoffman

Atom the Biology Horse who belongs to the Biology Department. (Photo taken by Henry Wolski.)

Adam Hoffman is one of the newest professors in the Biology department at Sinclair. This is only his fifth week, as he just moved in from New York. Even though he just moved here, Professor Hoffman has visited Dayton frequently, especially visiting a convention called “Hamvention,” a popular convention about amateur radios held every year in the Miami Valley, and has grown to know the area through attending that event.

Hoffman was originally going into medicine but became more interested in the research side, which is why he chose biology. He likes it when people learn new things, which is why he chose to become a teacher, choosing to venture to Sinclair because he was able to obtain a tenured position, which is hard-earned and was able to attain a job at the community college level he desired. 

Professor Hoffman’s favorite aspect about Sinclair is the people, as professors are dedicated to students and their success and students are interested in learning about the course that they are enrolled in, regardless of their major. 

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Professor Hoffman’s favorite thing about coming to Dayton is the weather (which is something not many Ohioans can agree on). There is a lot less snow than there is in New York but the differences in the changing seasons are something he enjoys. He misses the snow, as it would snow often in New York but he likes Ohio. People are nicer and more pleasant in the Buckeye State, which is something he appreciates.

“It’s been a long time since I’ve had a job that I look forward to going to,” Hoffman says. He also says that this was an easy move, as people have been very helpful and welcoming to him.

Outside of teaching, Professor Hoffman likes to read, travel and listen to music as he aspires to attend many shows that are in the area that he is familiar with based on his Hamvention experiences. In his classes, however, he likes to take the hands-on approach and explore what makes Biology so fascinating.

One of the other things that Professor Hoffman likes about Sinclair is that students care about whatever it is they are learning. They all want to thrive and most importantly, be successful in whatever their career is. Professor Hoffman wants to see all of his students succeed and is happy he can finally look forward to a job he is passionate about.

Jackie Kasner

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