Flights is here

November 17, 2023 TheClarion 0

Did you know that Sinclair has its very own literary magazine? The magazine is called “Flights” and you can have your work featured in it. Its latest edition is fresh off the press and includes a number of powerful voices. […]

The Rise in College Tuition

July 19, 2023 TheClarion 0

Let’s talk tuition: It’s a subject no one likes to talk about. Yet given the fact that almost every college student has to pay for their education, it’s a pretty important subject.  Why bring it up now though? What has […]

Awesome Adjuncts: Richard Bernard

July 14, 2023 TheClarion 0

Richard Bernard has been all around the state of Ohio, but one thing has stayed consistent throughout the adjunct professor’s travels: his love for (and involvement in) higher education. He is currently lectures in the Communication (COM) department at Sinclair, […]

My Tartan Tops Experience 

July 10, 2023 TheClarion 0

My experience with Tartan TOPS has been one that I will never forget for the rest of my life; from the tutors that have guided me to the instructors that taught me to never give up no matter what situations […]