FAFSA Workshop at Sinclair

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Sinclair college has many resources available for students to utilize in order to ease the transition into their college experience. Many are familiar with the FAFSA (Free Application for Free Student Aid) program that helps students with the daunting responsibility of affording a college education. Sinclair has its own FAFSA office, which is located in Building 10.

Currently, the FAFSA program at Sinclair is holding a workshop twice weekly in order to help students with their applications. These workshops are run by everyone in the office and are located in room 001 of  Building 10. Some are held in the morning and some are held in the afternoon, but it is usually more crowded in the afternoon.

Furthermore, attendance really depends on the time of year – for example, there are usually many people present in the Autumn time when the school year starts. If you are looking for exact workshop times, you can find them on the Sinclair events page. In any case, the length of them differs. Some may be a half-hour, while others might be an hour and a half. It all depends on who attends and what help is needed.

I attended a FAFSA workshop at Sinclair on Tuesday, Jan. 28 to see what it was like for myself. There I met Stacy Schloss, who was running the workshop at the time. She provided many insights on what the program was like and how it impacted individuals and communities alike. 

Likewise, I also got to witness how the program helped the students that attended that day. Stacy Schloss was extremely kind and helpful and she aided the students in whatever they needed.

There were a good amount of people who came to the workshop, and everyone left individually once they had their issues resolved. Whether a student has a single question or needs to be walked through the entire process, the workshop would be beneficial to them.

(Source: YouTube/Federal Student Aid)

In my experience, there was a student worker sitting in the workshop. She was there for her second workshop to help out and learn how FAFSA works better. She told me that she gained experience in working with people. She understands that some people need more help than others and that those running the workshop are willing to give as much as needed.

After the workshop was over, I asked one of the students about his experience. He explained that the FAFSA application is a very tedious process and that this workshop made it much easier for him.

As a whole, the FAFSA program at Sinclair is very active. Not only do they aid their own students, but they also visit many different schools in the community. Sometimes high schools will reach out and they will prepare a presentation for that school. Other times, they provide workshops for different schools in order to help kids get started on their college journey. Assistant director Veronica Davidson is in charge of this big yet impactful task.

Overall, FAFSA can help anyone with getting some help to afford college tuition. Students that need help with the application process can attend any of the workshops in Building 10. These workshops help students get beneficial assistance and a head start on achieving their educational dreams.

Anwen Harris

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