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Fall Semester 2023 Clarion Staff

Executive Editor

Ismael David Mujahid

Major: Creative Writing

Bio: I am a writer, photographer, poet, and traveler from Seattle currently living in Dayton. Throughout my life, I have had a passion for the written word and adventure. Those interests have helped drive my love for all things literary and spurred me to travel as far and as often as I can. Through the power of writing, I hope to share stories and experiences that inspire and educate others the way I continue to be. Backed by an ambition that has seen me explore the deepest corners of the human imagination and over 25 countries, I know I have what it takes to meet this challenge. 

Accolades: 1st Place in the 2022 Spectrum Awards’ Adult Fiction Category, 2nd Place in the 2022 Spectrum Awards’ Adult Poetry Category, named Outstanding Creative Writing Major at the 2022 Spectrum Awards, recipient of the 2023 NIA Award

Interests: books, travel, photography, gaming, miniatures, music, and culture!

Creative Director

Jaime Herzog

Major: Digital Marketing Analytics

Bio: Hello, my name is Jaime Herzog. I am a mother, dog mama, and plant enthusiast. I am currently completing two certificate programs at Sinclair before returning to Wright State University to complete my master’s in digital marketing Analytics. I have a BFA and own and operate several small businesses.

Interests: I love reading, writing, and all things outdoors. Most of the time my clothes are stained from painting or pottery.

Managing Editor

Macey Heys

Major: Creative Writing

Bio: Hi, my name is Macey. I am in my second year at Sinclair and will be transferring to UD to get my bachelor’s degree in creative writing. I joined the Clarion because I knew it would encourage me to write every single day. Plus, I enjoy learning and gaining new skills and interests. My favorite past time activities are reading, writing (poetry and short stories), and painting. One of my goals is to travel the world.

Interests: Reading, music, art, any/all things French related, animals (especially chickens), road trips, and avocado toast.

Associate Editor

Distribution Coordinator

Oona Ngabonziza

Staff Writers

Graphic Designers

Karen Shirk

Major: Vis. Communication

Bio: Hi! My name is Karen Shirk (He/Him pronouns) I’m an indigenous Two-Spirit human studying marketing and visual communications at Sinclair. I joined the clarion staff for graphic design experience. When not in school I’m a leader in the Q+ community and an artist.

Interests: Art, Writing, LGBTQ Rights

Abby Glendenning


April Littleton


Zulhafidz Alauddin

Vaillant Kouame (Joe)

Davis Miller

Naglaa Mohamed

Upasna Yadav

Web Technicians

Business Manager

Carly Webster

Major: Liberal Arts 

Bio: Hi! My name is Carly (she/her). I graduated from Brookville High School in May 2021. I discovered The Clarion during my first semester at Sinclair’s Englewood campus, and the rest is history! I enjoy writing pieces on local arts and entertainment. Writing has always been a passion of mine and I’m glad I’m able to incorporate it into my college career. After finishing my degree, I plan to transfer and major in individualized or interdisciplinary studies. Thank you for supporting student media!

Interests: social/world issues, video games, books, films, concerts.

Marketing Representative

Manmeet Kaur

Major: Business management/Criminal Justice
Hey, I am Manmeet Kaur. I joined the Clarion team as the business manager. I am an international student here in the US. My future plan is to transfer to a law school as I aspire to become a lawyer.
Interests: Travelling, gym, photography, cooking, music, adventure

Advertising Representative

Mason Burgess

Bio: Howdy my name is Mason Burgess I am a liberal arts student who will be transferring to a 4 year college. I plan on becoming a animator and hopefully make something that can bring joy to people

Interests: drawing, video games, singing ,make up stories, dancing

Faith Harrel


Jessica Graue

Department: Journalism

Bio: “I started my journey at Sinclair Community College in 1999 as a student. I also played volleyball for the school. After I graduated with a degree in communication, I went to Wright State and received my bachelor’s degree in mass communication. After working for various newspapers, I went back to school and got my master’s degree in English Composition and Rhetoric and that’s when I began teaching and fell in love. After five years at Cox Media, I was offered my dream job as a journalism instructor and Clarion advisor. A few facts about me are I am a comedian, I have won five Associated Press awards, and I love to go to the casinos with my family.”

Interests: Reading, writing, performing comedy, eating good food, and helping out my students in any way I can!