About the Staff

Spring Semester 2020 Clarion Staff

Executive Editor

Richard Foltz

Major: English

Bio: A friend and I used to write for a blog based out of Boston, covering the site’s film section. I’ve also written for a handful of other blogs, mostly on film and music, and I’ve always wanted to write for some form of a periodical. I first started as a reporter and have loved the experience, working with a large array of talented, wonderful people.

Interests: Writing, reading, movies (both popcorn flicks and artsy stuff) indie music, depressing folk music, murder podcasts, walking my dog whilst listening to any of the past three, and comic books.

Managing Editor

Samuel Claude

Major: Journalism

Bio: Ever since 7th grade, I knew I possessed a passion for writing. However being a young, inexperienced 7th grader, I wasn’t quite how I could use my gift in a productive way that could make money. Years passed, and My skills progressed until I came to Sinclair. There I attended two English classes taught by Professor Scott Johnson. In English Composition II, I was assigned to get an article published in a newspaper, magazine, website, etc. That’s when I discovered the Clarion. I submitted an article, “Claude’s Column: What to expect from Incredibles 2,” and it was published roughly a month later. I was then offered a job as a reporter and the rest is history. Now as an Editor, I hope to bring the clarion further as a newspaper and as a brand than ever before.

Interests: Old-school Nintendo games, film criticism, and a hot slice of cheese pizza.

Associate Editor

Ayzha Middlebrooks

Major: Multimedia Journalism

Bio: I originally intended to pursue creative writing at Sinclair, however I instead majored Multimedia Journalism. It was not until my third semester when I approached the Clarion and applied to be a reporter, due to the insistence of my Mass Media Communication professor Nadine Cichy. Although I have always greatly enjoyed writing, I was told it was wise to apply and see if I would actually enjoy writing as a career. Now as an Associate Editor, I still find that writing remains being passion. 

Interests: Music, movies, history and continuing to write fiction in my spare time. Attachments area

Creative Director

Sophia Hayden

Major: Visual Communications

Bio: My major is Visual Communications – (Graphic Design) the major for people who don’t like to talk so they speak through their designs. I chose to work at the Clarion because it’s a great place to build my resume while working with great people in a relaxed atmosphere. My position is Creative Director, I am the one who puts all of the content into the final layout of the paper so it’s ready to go on the release date. Follow me on Instagram @sophsue23

Interests: Reading, ink wash art, micron line art, and photography.

Multimedia Specialist

LeAnne McPherson

Major: English

Bio: “Ever since I was little I have always loved reading. I read everything I could get my hands on; when that ran out I started writing. I have tried to maintain a life long goal of writing at least an hour a day. I have grown up with a passion for the arts, mainly music and theater. I believe activism is fundamentally important to society.”

Interests: Neurodivergent and Disabled rights, Politics, Orchestra (Viola), Singing, Japanese Culture, Aesthetics, Cosplay, Comic Books (Fav. Paper Girls), Video

Business Manager

Britney Haddon

Major: Business Management/Digital Marketing



Advertising Representative

DeMarhia Inman




Social Media Coordinator

Jerrod Boiste

Major: Graphic Design

Bio: My name is Jerrod Boitse. I am currently enrolled with Sinclair Community College as a Graphic Design student. I plan on graduating in Spring 2020. I received my Bachelor’s from Wright State University in 2016, majoring in Communications and minoring in English. I decided to go back to school so that I can rejoin the workforce with more knowledge and experience in my field.

Outside of school and work I spend a lot of time listening to music, reading and writing poetry and prose and watching horror films. I also try to go to as many concerts that I can squeeze into a year. A live with a greyhound, which at times feels more like living with a horse and her name is Rosie.

Interests: Punk/rock music, the emo aesthetic, live music, poetry, horror movies, Halloween, Animal Crossing and cotton candy

Staff Writers

Henry Wolski

Major: Multimedia Journalism/Communications

Bio: I started at the Clarion as a reporter in fall 2016. I had just committed as a Journalism major and was taking my first course in the subject concurrently with my employment. It was the bold start to a new career path, and I’ve fallen in love with journalism. I had a run as Executive Editor for two years, and have remained helping wherever I can. My time at the Clarion has led me to so many rewarding friendships and helped me perfect the skills needed to go out in the field and cover the news.

Interests: Rick and Morty, football, pro wrestling, writing, and fun nights with friends and a good beer.

David Jacobus

Major: Multimedia Communication

Bio: I have been writing for the Clarion for a little over a year. I have also achieved my Associate’s degree from Sinclair Community College in Multimedia Communications. Writing wasn’t the first major I decided. It was Engineering. However, writing gives me a freedom to talk about ideas and topics I have passion for. The goal is to continue to build my writing skills towards a future career. My dream is to hopefully land a career in World Wrestling Entertainment or another major wrestling promotion in the world. 

Interests: Diehard Wrestling Fan and Football fan (Steelers and Penn State). Also intrigued to write about the resurrected XFL. 


Nicole Neumann

Major: Liberal Arts

Bio: My name is Nikki Neumann and I am a sophomore at Sinclair pursuing a liberal arts degree. I hope to receive my bachelor’s in Elementary Education and eventually receive my masters to become an Intervention Specialist. I work at Frisch’s as a waitress and pet/house sit quite regularly. I chose to work at the Clarion for a fun way to get involved at Sinclair! I also wanted to become a better writer and to get more experience with photography.

Brian Yoder



Jeff Allen




Hannah Shafer




Anwen Harris




Kayleigh DeLaet

Major: Communication

Bio: Hi! My name is Kayleigh DeLaet. I’m 19 years old and live in Tipp City. I am currently majoring in Communication Studies and completed most of my prerequisites at Sinclair through the CCP program in high school. This semester, I’m finishing up the last few prerequisites I have before I transfer to Wright State in the fall. There, I plan on getting my Bachelor’s. With my degree, I’d like to either take up advertising or writing, so the newspaper is a great chance for me to practice my communication skills.

Writing is my biggest passion. In addition to writing for the Clarion, I also write poetry. I own over 35 poetry books at home! Through writing, I’ve won both an Antioch scholarship, and 2nd place at the Dayton Metro Library Poetry Contest 2019.

Interests: Aside from writing, I enjoy music, being with animals, swimming, and hanging out with friends.

Ashley Brown

Major: Pyschology

Bio: I have always enjoyed helping and working with others. Which led to me deciding to major in psychology, to become a clinical psychologist. I joined the Clarion to expand my knowledge and work with others. Which I have enjoyed since I began working here.

Interests: Reading books, listening to true crime podcast, watching documentaries on crime and serial killers and being outdoors.

Jeri Hensley

Major: Multimedia Journalism

Bio: My name is Jeri. I’m at Sinclair for my second degree. I graduated in May 2019 with my Associate of Applied Science in Visual Communication. I enjoy playing video games on the PS4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch. I am a Graphic Designer by trade and received my degree last year. I am pursuing my second interest in Journalism. I hope to move to another state and become either a website designer or a journalist.

Interests: Video games, D&D, reading, writing, crossword puzzles and plant-parenthood.

Jaclyn Herd

Major: English

Bio: I got my start in creative writing when I wrote a short play for my high school’s short play festival. I didn’t think anything of it, but when it won a director’s choice script award I thought it was something I should stick with. Now I write for The Clarion as a freshman and am interested to see where it takes me. I also plan on transferring to a fun European location after receiving an associate’s degree.

Interests: DC comics, fashion, D&D, forensics and international foods. 

Taylor Pendleton





Max Foster

Major: EMS/Fire Science

Bio: Outside of school Max works as a firefighter and writes a Tumblr blog and plans to be a professional paramedic/firefighter after college.

Interests: Sports, photography and equestrianship

Graphic Designers

Andrew Brown

Major: Visual Communications

Bio: I am a third year at Sinclair who is graduating in May 2020. I decided to work at the Clarion because I thought it would be cool to work at a newspaper, use the skills as a designer and to be part of a team!

Interests: Art, Drawing, Music, Movies, Superheroes, Animation, Video Games

Sarah Kusnerik

Major: Visual Communications

Bio: I chose to work for the Clarion because, one, they all seemed like really fun people to work with, and two, it’s a great chance to get some experience in working with a group of people. I’m very excited to be here and can’t wait to gain experience and grow into a better designer by working with the Clarion crew!

Interests: Art, reading, watching T.V. shows, drawing, hanging out with my friends and meeting new friends!

Zoë Pirslin 

Major: Visual Communications

Bio chose to work for the Clarion because I love designing, not only for my degree but in my free time. I enjoy being a part of a team that is so diverse that comes together to form one final product. I’m also glad that I get hands-on experience, especially since it’s team orientated. It’s awesome to meet new friends and to do the thing you love, in my case, design! Some of my interests include

Interests: Drawing, writing, poetry. reading, playing video games, watching Netflix, videography sometimes, cuddling with my cat and crafts.

Tito Torres

Major: Visual Communications




Leo Walter

Major: Visual Communications

Interests: I am a firm believer that if the design were intelligent… we would be out of a future…

Distribution Coordinator

Brian Walker




Haley Edwards








Contributing Writers

Quinton Bradley

Major: Multimedia Journalism

Bio: I chose to work for the Clarion because I wanted to hone my writing skills and gain real-world experience in writing for a news outlet. I felt that interning for the Clarion would be the best choice in doing so.

Interests: Reading, Writing, Politics, Philosophy, Music

Maxwell Patton

Major: Graduated (AA in Multimedia Journalism, Pursuing a BA in Media Studies)

Bio: I am an aspiring journalist and current Wright State student who loves writing about and discussing entertainment and pop culture.  That includes music, movies, television shows, video games and the like. I’ve been interested in writing and sharing my opinions with the masses for most of my life, but only got into the journalism field after a switch of university and major.

As you can tell, I have a lot of opinions.

Interests: Marvel movies, sleeping, poetry, cosplay, listening to music, hiking, trivia, karaoke, Dungeons & Dragons, spending time with friends and most combinations of what I just listed.

Nora Stanger

Title: Appalachian Outreach Coordinator

Interests: anything to do with understanding people better

Clarion Adviser

Jessica Graue

Department: Journalism

Bio: “I started my journey at Sinclair Community College in 1999 as a student. I also played volleyball for the school. After I graduated with a degree in communication, I went to Wright State and received my bachelor’s degree in mass communication. After working for various newspapers, I went back to school and got my master’s degree in English Composition and Rhetoric and that’s when I began teaching and fell in love. After five years at Cox Media, I was offered my dream job as a journalism instructor and Clarion advisor. A few facts about me are I am a comedian, I have won five Associated Press awards, and I love to go to the casinos with my family.”

Interests: Reading, writing, performing comedy, eating good food and helping out my students in any way I can!