Horrifying Hits: Castlevania: Nocturne

November 6, 2023 TheClarion 0

Since debuting in 2017, Castlevania has been one of Netflix’s most consisted animated performers. With its smooth animation, compelling story, and awesome characters it was easy for viewers to return season after season. When a spinoff, Castlevania: Nocturne was announced, […]

My Voice: Fall Traditions That I Enjoy

October 18, 2023 TheClarion 0

During my lifetime I have enjoyed spending the fall season each year with my family and my younger siblings.. My parents would take me to places like Kings Island, Irons Fruit Farm, and the Cincinnati Zoo just to name a […]

Music Department Welcomes Prospective Students

October 16, 2023 TheClarion 0

On Friday, Oct. 6, Sinclair’s music, theatre and dance department hosted a Music Day at Sinclair Event, targeted at current high school students interested in the college’s music program. Professor Michael Berning gave a small group of students a tour […]