• Tue. Jun 18th, 2024
Importance of Creativity

For Sinclair students looking for a creative outlet and an intramural community, the Makerspace club offers this and so much more. Makerspace is the newest edition to Sinclair’s list of student clubs and organizations. 

Their mission is to provide a communal and educational environment for students. A place to have fun, meet friends, relieve stress, foster creativity, and realize ideas. Also, a place for hands-on learning and problem solving. Members may learn 3D printing, coding, and robotics among more. No matter the major or career goals, there is something to take from this community. 

The club will utilize Sinclair owned tools and equipment, like laser engravers and 3D printers, which would otherwise remain unused, and plans to give relatively free rein to participants to create what they wish. The only costs forecasted for members are the materials used to create, like fabrics and cardboard, which would amount to cents per month. 

The Clarion met with one of the club’s coordinators, James Davidson, who preached the value of the mission and encouraged prospects to recognize the advantages in joining student organizations in general, and specifically Makerspace. 

“A club like this does open a lot more opportunities to people by being able to see what all is possible that they might not have realized was possible to do. . . You can also utilize any of this machinery to create a hobby or small business for yourself,” said Davidson.

In a world with more and more technological implementation in businesses, from top to bottom, having these tools on your proverbial belt is invaluable. Many students find visual and auditory learning burdensome, preferring the sort of kinesthetic learning offered at Makerspace. 

Photo Credit: TeachThought

“I want people to feel like they can create anything that they can imagine, that’s what we are, I want to provide a place where we can help you create anything you can dream of, that you might not have believed you could by yourself,” said Davidson. 

Davidson stressed the importance of expressing your creativity. Learning becomes infinitely easier when it’s enjoyable and stress is alleviated. Despite this, traditional educational institutions seldom foster creativity within the classroom or without. Although Sinclair won’t uproot this traditional approach to education entirely, a leap forward consists of their offering the Makerspace club. 

Student communities are so important, both for their collaborative and communal benefits, and the education they provide. Makerspace perfectly encapsulates this importance. With little cost and high potential reward, why not give it a shot?

(Featured Image from Canva)

Written by Davis Miller, Intern