Erik Mongrain – Airtap

The guitar has been around for centuries. As such, it sometimes seems impossible that anyone could ever come up with something new and original on the instrument. It seems like it has all been done before.
Enter Erik Mongrain.
Mongrain hails from Canada and sometimes employs a technique know as lap tapping, in which the instrument is put across the players lap and both hands are used to tap the fret board. This style produces a very unique sound.
While Mongrain draws heavily from guitarists such as Michael Hedges – an artist every guitar player should hear at least once – the music that flows from Mongrain sounds both new and timeless.
He has studied classical music and that influence, while not overtly obvious, definitely weaves its way into the tunes. He does not simply sit and strum.
Mongrain may not make music that appeals to everyone, but watching him play will amaze and astonish most people who give him a chance.
Keep this in mind while watching: one man with two hands produces this music.

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