Study Abroad: What, Who, Why, How

November 29, 2023 TheClarion 0

“You can read about a place and its culture, but there is no substitute for actually experiencing it yourself” – Deborah Gavlik, Director of Sinclair’s International Education Department Contrary to popular belief, college is the perfect time to try new […]

The History Of Sinclair Regional Centers

November 8, 2023 TheClarion 0

It is very common for Sinclair students to pay attention to our main campus, and why wouldn’t they? It is a huge place, with many different opportunities, located in the center of a very popular city in the state of […]

The Journey of An Anti-Apartheid Activist 

November 7, 2023 TheClarion 0

‘An evening with Mama Nozipo’ was held in Building 12’s conference center and from the moment I walked in I was hit by an overwhelming sense of community and love. We were there to meet a great anti-apartheid and anti-racism […]