Letter to The Editor: Pittsburg Shooting

November 5, 2018 TheClarion 0

Dear Editor, I am the Multifaith Campus Chaplain here at Sinclair. I am writing in response to the shooting at the synagogue in Pittsburgh in late October. In that senseless act of violence, 11 persons lost their lives. “An attack […]

Letter to the editor: Scholarship writing

November 27, 2017 TheClarion 0

Dear Editor I recently saw a very cute article in The Clarion by Justin Baker called, “Justin A. Baker’s Five Steps Students Go through When Applying for Scholarships” which talked about the struggles of becoming distracted while writing essays–in this […]

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Letter to the Editor: Issue 2 Response #2

October 25, 2017 TheClarion 0

I cannot imagine being so detached from my fellows’ suffering that I’d argue for denying someone life-saving medicine because ‘it would cost the state money’. If the state is not here to spend money on its citizens to help them, […]

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Letter to the Editor: Issue 2 Response

October 16, 2017 TheClarion 0

Dear Editor, Regarding Forest Wilson’s letter concerning issue 2 on the November ballot, I felt sad reading it. I felt sad because it seems that he believes unbridled capitalism is more important than people’s lives. Of course, it isn’t and […]

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A letter to the editor

October 9, 2017 TheClarion 0

Dear Editor, Next month Ohio residents will be voting on Issue 2, a law which supporters claim will lower the cost of prescription drugs. Students may recall petition gatherers for this movement roaming campus a few months ago asking students […]