Letter to the editor: Scholarship writing

Dear Editor

I recently saw a very cute article in The Clarion by Justin Baker called, “Justin A. Baker’s Five Steps Students Go through When Applying for Scholarships” which talked about the struggles of becoming distracted while writing essays–in this case, scholarship essays.
As a Financial Aid Officer at Sinclair, I feel the urge to piggy-back on that premise to inform everyone that Sinclair has its own scholarship landing page at www.sinclair.edu/scholarships.

As it happens, the Sinclair Foundation is offering scholarships now until November 30th, and students can apply for many scholarships at once by clicking the red “Apply Online to Scholarships” button on that page. Check your Sinclair email inbox for updates once you’re done applying.

There are also “External Scholarship Resources” and “Other Scholarship Resources” links on www.sinclair.edu/scholarships that provide direct links to scholarships available from outside organizations.

Those listings update constantly, so check those every 2-3 weeks. Students who win an external scholarship would have checks sent to Sinclair’s Bursar Office so funds can be applied to their account.

Lastly, the Sinclair Library has a webpage with tips on writing scholarship essays, and students can access it right from www.sinclair.edu/scholarships by clicking the “Scholarship Essay Tips” link to the left. That way, students like Justin can minimize his steps to apply for scholarships while maximizing the number of applications he submits.

Katherine Gonzalez
Financial Aid Officer

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