Tartan Spotlight: Stephanie Zellers

Picture courtesy of Stephanie Zellers

“Be unapologetically yourself,” is Stephanie Zeller’s advice to everyone. 

Zellers has recently completed her first year as a student at Sinclair Community College, now she is currently studying Hospitality and Lodging. Outside of Sinclair, Stephanie likes to hang out and check up with her friends and exercise with her mom, but on campus, she was involved with Chi Alpha, Sinclair’s student Christian ministry that is dedicated to helping bring people on campus closer to God. 

“Everyone’s accepted, no judgments,” said Zellers about Chi Alpha. “I can freely be myself. The leaders make it feel like you belong, they challenge you to access parts of yourself that you never thought you could.” 

Stephanie feels connected to other students by the many social gatherings, which makes it easy to bond with everyone, along with the many mission trips. 

Stephanie is not sure what she wants to be after completing her Associate’s Degree but she is considering becoming a travel agent. 

(Source: Flickr/Sinclair Community College)

A professor that has impacted Stephanie the most is Professor Lisa Stine of the Hospitality Management/Culinary Arts department. Stine is understandable and also made her class easy to learn.

“[Professor Stine] understands struggles,” Zeller said, “[she] is easy going and very relatable.”

Zellers likes Sinclair because of how independent and how much self control each person has. She will always remember how welcoming Sinclair was, whether it would be through their events and activities. 

“[Sinclair]’s independent, you can choose your classes like no one is in control, [there’s] lots of free range and independence,” said Stephanie. 

Stephanie’s advice to any person starting or who is going to be starting at Sinclair is to take advantage of the Tech-Prep scholarships that are being offered because these scholarships will make you prepared for college and without them, there can be a lot of assistance needed by parents and family members. 

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