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There are many reasons to partner up with us here at the Clarion. Sinclair is one of the oldest community colleges in the nation. It has been estimated that over half of Dayton-area residents have taken classes at Sinclair, and it maintains relationships with colleges and schools around the nation and around the world. The Clarion has been committed to our students since 1977.

Today, the Clarion provides a community forum for students, staff and faculty alike. In doing, so we have built the perfect customer base that reaches all demographics, ages and cultures within our community.

The Clarion publishes articles online every weekday, prints quarterly print magazines and maintains a large social media presence.

The Clarion is distributed across our main Dayton campus, the Courseview campus in Mason and the new Centerville campus. It also goes to our two affiliated learning centers in Huber Heights and Englewood. We are expanding our print circulation into other Dayton-area locations.

For advertising, marketing and promotional information, contact us today at clarion.central@gmail.com