Sinclair department labs: CASI Lab and Math Academy

   Sinclair offers many different facilities to assist students toward their path to success. The CASI lab and Math Academy are two examples of these facilities.

   CASI stands for the Center for Applied Social Science. The lab covers sociology, social work and geography courses. It is located in building 12, room 363.

   From the student workers always around to help, to the abundant computer resources, the CASI lab is a one stop shop for students to get the help they need.

   “We always have people who have taken sociology, social work or geography there if a student needs some assistance,” said Professor Jacqueline Housel, the supervisor of the lab.

   Building relationships within school is an important part to success as a student. Having an opportunity to communicate and collaborate with other students and faculty within the same field can have a positive impact on a student’s path to success.

   “It’s great if a student makes a connection with a faculty member, because that really is important for their overall success,” Housel said.

   The CASI lab is not just about the tools provided, but the availability to build relationships with other students and faculty to create a comfortable environment to learn and ask questions.

   The CASI lab provides many resources for students studying those subjects. These can range from computers to textbooks to the helpful and welcoming staff. The CASI lab can be an ideal place for a student studying these disciplines to go for assistance.

   Another similar facility within Sinclair that can help students who struggle with math courses is the Math Academy.

   IMG_6226Unlike the CASI lab, the Math Academy is a classroom rather than a lab. It is located in building 5, room 341.

   Students schedule classes held in the Math Academy where it is run like a hybrid class, with much of the work being done on the computer. The program is self-paced, with assignments having target dates rather than hard deadlines, which is helpful for students who like to move at their own pace. An instructor or tutor is always there to answer individual questions a student may have about the content.

   Students may take a pre-test before each section of the content which allows them to bypass information they are already well acquainted with.

   Students may find the Math Academy to be a comfortable alternative to a traditional classroom setting, “Our environment is very non-threatening,” said Stacy Joseph, the developmental math academy coordinator.

   The classroom experience is flexible for the student, “We have a testing area, however if you’re comfortable at your seat you can take the test there,” Joseph said.

   The Math Academy was funded by Bill and Melinda Gates, which came from a DEI grant to help people who are not college ready.

   “Our success rates are better than the traditional classes, and they found that our students actually do better in the next level,” said Joseph.

   The Math Academy can be a great resource for students who need to take pre-college math and enjoy a self-paced and comfortable environment. The program offers a path for students who need to prepare their pre-college math skills to advance in their education.

   Both the CASI lab and Math Academy are examples of the facilities at Sinclair that are intended to help students excel at their courses.

Sean Kahle

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