Erika’s Enthusiast Expo: Bandori Review

   Long ago, I wrote an article detailing the release of a new mobage rhythm game to the world outside of Japan known as “BanG Dream! Girls Band Party!”

   At the time, I had been focused mostly on “Love Live! School Idol Festival” as my mobage rhythm game of choice when I had free time.

   However, over this past half year of playing “Bandori” (the shorthand name for the game), I have definitely fallen more in love with it. I didn’t think it would happen, but the graphics and songs drew my attention along with the most key factor of it all: the characters.

   Before I get into my love of the aesthetics in this game, I want to talk about the 25 girls that make up its cast. While I definitely have my favorites (I could list my top ten if I wanted to), there is no girl that takes the bottom spot or falls short in the rankings of how much I love them. The reason why I care so much about each of them? The stories!

   Within the game, there’s a pretty rigid schedule of events that comes out. They run for nine days each with a two day break in-between so people can get another scout in or they can simply rest prior to having to go at it again for ranks and prizes.

   However, unlike “Love Live,” the events truly matter in terms of characterization; they focus in on one girl or several and give another look into their daily lives or a music event or even personal issues.

   Had it not been for that, I think my favorites list would end up rather different in the end. My top character in the whole series only took over the first place spot because of the first main event she was involved with and how much more I got to know about her from that alone.

   The little bits of their lives that come through in the card stories or events truly puts a spotlight on each of the girls and gives them more character past a cute appearance.

   Okay, onto the aesthetics before I end up rambling about my top ten to some unholy extent that no one needs to read.

   The game itself is adorable in its graphics. As unexpected as it was, the overworld view that “Bandori” has presented cute sprites of the girls at random points on the map where they can be tapped to see a conversation between either two girls or only one if they’re alone.

   From there, the player can access all the other menus that lead to the band editor, a gallery, the gacha page and the music selection.

   As well as this, the gacha rates tend to seem better than they actually are, but I can’t knock my luck too much. The rate for a four-star (the highest rarity of card in the game) is three percent, which is higher than multiple other games of this same type.

   My luck with the game has been incredible as I’ve had a handful of pulls where I got two or three four-stars in one shot.

   However, one of my favorite features of the game is the costume one. When a player gets a new card, the girl in the card gets a brand new costume that can be equipped and worn when playing.

   It’s purely for aesthetic purposes, but it’s fun to have another reward alongside the general luck and power on a team for songs.

   For the sake of not singing praises for “Bandori,” I can at least say it isn’t the most well-polished game out there, but it has only been around for less than two years overall. What is out now is nice and new content comes out often enough that the game doesn’t get boring.

   I definitely recommend it as a fun game to pass the time and meet a few new interesting characters along the way!

Erika Brandenburg
Arts and Entertainment Editor

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