• Tue. May 28th, 2024

Now that it’s October and Halloween is around the corner, many will be seeing trick-or-treaters carrying buckets that come in various colors. Here are just a few of the bucket colors that you might see this Halloween season and what they mean.

  • Teal buckets represent those with food allergies, meaning those who are giving out candy should consider using candy free of allergens, especially peanuts. 
  • Blue or dark blue buckets signify a child with autism. 
  • Purple buckets signify a child has epilepsy.  

While these bucket colors represent a health disorder a child may have, there are other bucket colors that have larger meanings.

  • Pink buckets are used for Breast Cancer Awareness and raise money for breast cancer research.
  • Black buckets represent darkness or death.
  • Orange buckets represent fire or a light in the darkness. This color also celebrates the fall harvest season.

Doctor Anson Koshy was interviewed for a UT Physicians article, where he stated the ultimate purpose of the colored buckets.

“The idea behind these colored pumpkins and buckets is rooted in a way to help families with children with all types of special health care needs navigate a night of trick-or-treating with a little less stress, and more patience and understanding,” said Doctor Koshy, a developmental-behavioral pediatric specialist with UT Physicians.

The article titled “Decoding different colors on Halloween” was published by UT Physicians and was updated on Oct. 27, 2020. Overall, being on the lookout for these colors can help make this Halloween safe and fun for everyone.

Jamario Brown-Tolliver