• Tue. Jun 18th, 2024
Poetry by Sinclair Students

“Spring” by Carissa White, Creative Writing graduate

Spring flowers

Gentle rain

Warm sunshine

Springtime is here

New life begins

A time to start again

Fresh start

The past put to rest

The past does not define you

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“Thoughts” by Joseph Dacsil, Creative Writing student


They play with you.

Through you.

Begging to be played in your mind.

They linger like the smell of blueberry wine.

She dances under the moon.

Only to fade into the distance.

Her voice, the voices inside your head.

You hear before you go to bed.

Photo from Canva

“Class of 2013” by Haylee Eyler, Creative Writing student

I’ve long outgrown the pencil marks in the doorway

The corners of my childhood bedroom,

Peel to reveal,

the shades of my adolescence.

I think that’s where they hide

in each and every color

Younger versions of me

that I will never know again

Who whisper and wish their dreams to me at night,

And dance with the headlights

from the street-view window in my bedroom.

Hushed and hopeful

That I fell in love

Or became a marine biologist

Or learned to hula-hoop

So I could beat Marney Tompson,

Once and for all.

They walk with me,

hand in hand

And tug me around.

So that I might continue to be

Each and every person I was

In this bedroom before.

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