• Mon. Jul 22nd, 2024

Fluff and Stuff: The Clarion Staff Show Off Their Pets

In honor of National Puppy Day on Thursday, March 23, The Clarion staff have decided to
introduce to you their fur babies of all kinds! Keep reading to see pictures and a little bit about
each of these lovely creatures!

This little guy is Sapir, a two-and-a-half-year-old cat owned by our reporter Chris. He loves to
watch birds through the window and “attack strings.”

Say hello to Audrey (left) and Sadie (right)! Audrey is 15 and the self-proclaimed princess of the
house. Sadie is the younger sister at seven years old. While Sadie certainly has more energy,
barking at squirrels and “destroying” toys, both ladies like to cuddle, as you can see! Their mom
is our advisor, Jessica Graue!

Here is our staff writer, Carly, and her cat Sunny! The 15-year-old ginger tabby boy is aptly
named, as he enjoys laying in the warm, bright spots in the house! He’ll take any opportunity to
cuddle and sleep with his family.

These two fluffy babies belong to Diane our executive editor. On the left is Emma and on the right is Daisy. They are full off energy and in their down time they love to snuggle with each other.

Carly Webster

Staff writer