• Fri. Apr 19th, 2024

Issue 10’s Success Reflects Sinclair’s Strong Ties To Montgomery County

The passing of Issue 10 at the ballot box reflects the ongoing trust Montgomery County voters
continue to place in Sinclair, according to a spokesperson for the college. Passed by an
overwhelming majority in early November, it was one of many topics decided in this year’s hotly
contested elections.

According to data from the Montgomery County Board of Elections, Issue 10 was approved by a
massive 70.99% of votes. The proposal was for the renewal of the college’s one-million-dollar
levy for a period of 10 years.

Photo source: Citizens For Sinclair.com

Catherine Petersen, Chief of Public Information at Sinclair, said, “The successful passing of the
levy says a lot about our commitment and financial stewardship to gain that trust from voters.
We’re just so grateful to voters for entrusting us again to continue delivering affordable and
quality education to our citizens.”

Sinclair’s longstanding ties with the county date back to its founding. Since then, the college has
grown to include over 300 education and job training programs. According to Petersen, the
passing of the levy will allow those programs to continue to expand.

“The programs we provide prepare our graduates to fill in-demand jobs in the Dayton region and
beyond. Our dedication to delivering quality education is one reason we have always received
such great support from volunteers, businesses, organizations, as well as our other partners,”
Petersen said.

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“Because of the time they volunteered and their efforts to share how Sinclair is improving lives
and the economy of Montgomery County, Issue 10 was successfully passed,” Petersen added.

This was not the first time the Sinclair Levy has been on the ballot. Previous referenda on the
issue were all successfully passed.

“It says a lot abut our role in the local community that we received support from both the
Montgomery County Democratic Party and the Montgomery County Republican Party
throughout the campaign.”

Ismael Mujahid