Clarion News Rundown of the Week

Not every news story can get an article during the chaotic process of putting the paper together. So every week we’ll be throwing out a few quick bits of news based in Ohio, Sinclair and the world.


  • On Fri. 20th of September, Dayton activists participated in the global climate strike created by students from all over the world. The strike is partially supported by the Sustainability Student Leadership Counsel. Sinclair Peace Club.It will consist of two protests. One took place at the Kennedy Union Fountain at UD. The second started at Sinclair Community College and the protesters marched towards the Dayton Federal Building.
Brooke Skylar Richardson (YouTube)


  • Carlisle’s Brooke Skylar Richardson found not guilty on charges of aggravated murder, involuntary manslaughter and child endangering. Richardson was found guilty on the charges of gross abuse of a corpse. She was sentenced to three years of community control and no jail time on Sept. 13.

U.S. News

  • Paddleboarder Joshua Hensley, who the community named Capt. Jack Sparrow, was discovered dead near the Gulf of Mexico Florida. Hensley was the owner of Big Foot Paddle Boards in Crystal River. He was last spotted in Hunter Springs Park in Citrus county. He was paddleboarding to shell Island to watch the sunset before his mysterious death.

Samuel J. Claude
Managing Editor

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