Sinclair Hosts Student Fine Art Exhibition

   Indiana University professor, Vance Farrow, helped Sinclair feature numerous student artists in this year’s Annual Juried Fine Art Student Exhibition.

   “This exhibit showcases the work produced by students and the studio classes to those interested in taking classes at Sinclair,” Said Pat McClelland, the gallery coordinator and collection curator. “If you see this exhibit you see work created by students and what the studio classes have to offer.”

   The exhibit runs from March 11 to April 9, 2019 and features 110 works of art on the second, third and fourth floors of building 13.

   This year’s show includes seven mediums of art: painting, drawing, photography, printmaking, ceramics, sculpture and collage.

   “We bring in an outside juror,” McClelland said, “this year was Vance Farrow who teaches at Indiana University. He goes through all the work submitted. From that he also awards prizes in 7 categories.”

   This year’s juror, Farrow, had to decide between 173 entries. The Annual Juried Fine Art Student Exhibition reception and awards were held March 14.

   Rebecca Dille, one of the featured artists, showcased a piece created for her sculpture class in the form of a large dice inspired by Dungeons & Dragons.

   “Mine is made out of cardboard,” Dille says. “We had to take a smaller piece, measure and expand it in size and scale it up. The math behind it is quite difficult actually.”

   With so many sides the work even left her instructor puzzled on how she was able to bring the sculpture together. Dille hopes to get into special effects makeup after graduating from Sinclair.

“The Outsider Parade” by Shay Lynn McComb

   Art for this year’s exhibit has expanded beyond the walls of the usual Triangle Gallery on the 4th floor of building 13, to a second gallery on the same floor, student galleries on the 3rd floor and the hallways of the second floor.

   “My favorite is my collage entitled ‘The Outsider Parade.’” Says Shay Lynn McComb, vice president of Sinclair Art Club. McComb had four pieces featured in this year’s show, created for her Intermediate Drawing 1 class.

   “We had to decide to focus our project on pop art, surrealism or cubism. I decided on pop art. It really expanded my knowledge of pop art.” McComb explained.

   McComb’s artistic goals include improving her technical abilities and attending Bowling Green State University, post-Sinclair.

   This exhibit required students to enter pieces professionally, matted and framed, adding to the student learning experience beyond the classroom. The entry process gives students knowledge in the requirements of galleries, exhibitions and presentation beyond Sinclair.

   An oil painting entitled “Serenity” featured in this year show was produced by Darryl Jones. The painting features flowers and vivid colors, an element found in a lot of Jones’ work.

   “The technique took a lot of layering of different colors to make each color pop against the previous,” Jones says about his work. “It’s one of my favorites and has a really strong composition with expression and technical skill.”

   Jones hopes to be involved in more art shows and continue his education beyond Sinclair to become a college professor himself to inspire the next generation of artists.

   “This year we have a really strong show that speaks to diversity,” McClelland said. “There is something you are bound to like regardless of taste.”

James Novotny
Staff Writer

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