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My wedding is in August and I was beginning to meet with a few caterers and bakers about my wedding cake. I really want my guests to love the cake I choose. I was wondering what the most common and well-liked flavors are.

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Thank you for your question. Before I answer it, let me start off by letting you know you cannot please everyone.

No matter what flavor cake and icing you choose, there will almost always be someone left unhappy. Some couples opt for assorted desserts to try and avoid this situation, but it sounds like you definitely want the traditional wedding cake.

The top wedding cake flavors are: red velvet, chocolate, white chocolate,  raspberry, lemon, vanilla and carrot.

Red velvet, with its bold color, is a great middle ground between vanilla and chocolate. This delicious flavoring is frequently paired with cream cheese frosting.

Chocolate comes in various richness and flavor additive options. Choose icings in mint, orange and strawberry for a more sophisticated flavor.

White chocolate with raspberry mixes sugary sweetness with the tart flavor of raspberry. Due to the mix of flavors, opt for a more subtle icing.

Lemon is light and tangy and perfect for couples that don’t prefer heavy or  rich desserts. Raspberries, strawberries and whipped cream based icings add a tasty mix.

Vanilla is perfect if you want to play it safe. Select a more decadent icing so those who do not like whatever the icing flavor might be can easily remove it.

Carrot cake is not as common, but is ideal for couples who want to aim for a non-traditional wedding. Like red velvet, it is often paired with a cream cheese frosting.

Remember, regardless of the cake and flavor pairing you choose at the end of the day it is you as a couple that needs to be happy about the decisions you make for your wedding day.

-James Novotny

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