STEM celebrates PI Day


   On Wednesday March 14, Sinclair College and the Science, Technology, Engineering, & Mathematics (STEM) Career Community hosted the second annual Pi Day, an event dedicated to celebrating all things math and science.

   Pi Day is always held on March 14, and pays tribute to the irrational number without end; 3.14, which is used in several mathematical equations.

   Sarah Finch, Assistant Professor of Biology and STEM Career Community Coordinator, was in charge of the event, which opened up with a pieing demonstration. Several staff members from different areas of Sinclair volunteered to be hit in the face with a pie.

   In addition to Finch, other Sinclair staff who were pied included Angela Currier, Professor and Chair of the Biology Department, Karla Knepper, Director of Academic Advising, Janet Schmitt, Director of Enrollment Services, Jessica McKinley, Associate Professor of Communications and Honors Program Director, David Bodary, Professor of Communications and Service Learning Director, Dawayne Kirkman, Director of Student Affairs, Jared Cutler, Assistant Provost and David Finch, Adjunct Professor of Management and Psychology, among others.

   Those being pied were supportive of the event and enjoyed it as a demonstration of good fun.

   “There was so much laughter and joy from the people being pied and those who were smashing the pies,” Finch said. “It was a light-hearted event to help us release some stress and enjoy our Sinclair family. The people being pied loved it and will be coming back for more next year!”

   Each student had to pay a dollar per pieing, and the proceeds went towards the Science, Mathematics, & Engineering (SME) division’s endowment. This funds many STEM scholarships from the Foundation Board. SME made $140 total from the event.

   Following this was a pie eating competition. Six competitors attempted to eat an entire pie in the fastest time, and when the dust was settled Jim Truxal, Professor of Automotive Technology, won. Truxal was awarded lunch voucher tickets to Aramark.

   STEM Career Community supports and provides engagement activities for students that are part of the SME division.

   They participate in Welcome Week events at the beginning of every semester, including Car Smash Up events to raise money for Sinclair’s Lunchtime Hunger Project, which provides lunch to food insecure Sinclair students.

   STEM will be holding another Car Smash Up event during Spring Fling on April 24 from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. outside building 10.

   Finch stresses the importance of the STEM program, and the opportunities it provides for students.

   “As the Career Community for our STEM students, we wanted to raise funds to help provide scholarships to future STEM students,” Finch said. “STEM fields need more innovative and motivated students and graduates to help solve some of the most pressing issues facing us today, such as global climate change, food insecurity, etc.”
She encourages students to seek out programs and opportunities to work and build their career path in STEM.

   Finch reflected on this year’s event, comparing its success to the previous year.

   “Last year’s event was held in Building 8 near the stage area,” Finch said. “We don’t have as much foot traffic there so didn’t have as many participants. This year we held the event in the Tartan Marketplace which is heavily trafficked by students, faculty and staff.”

   “We had 77 participants this year (more than double the number from last year) and raised $140 toward the cause,” Finch said. “We have had great feedback from students, faculty and staff about the event. Everyone had fun!”

   Finch looks forward to the next pie day, and wants to make it an annual event.

   “The STEM Career Community was thrilled with the participation from our students, faculty and staff,” Finch said. “We raised $140 for the STEM scholarships which will help our current and future STEM students at Sinclair find success!  We are hopeful for even more participation next year and plan to make this an annual event. Get ready for Pi Day 2019 on March 14th!”

Henry Wolski
Executive Editor

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