Letter to the Editor: Issue 2 Response

Dear Editor,

Regarding Forest Wilson’s letter concerning issue 2 on the November ballot, I felt sad reading it. I felt sad because it seems that he believes unbridled capitalism is more important than people’s lives. Of course, it isn’t and never should be.

For example, my daughter is fatally allergic to all forms of nut, including peanut butter, and peanut oil. She has come close to dying on at least a few occasions during her 27 years of life thus far. She simply has to have epipens on hand in case of emergencies. As we know, the government had to intervene last year (?) to stop the makers of epipen making the life-saving product too expensive for the average person.

Without that government intervention who knows how many sufferers may have died as a result? As a society, why is it necessary that we even put sufferers’ lives at risk?
As I wrote above, I felt sad reading Forest’s letter. I sincerely hope that neither he nor his loved ones find themselves in the position of having their lives put at risk because they cannot afford life-saving medication.


Paul Carbonaro

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