Calling the shots

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A night out at a local bar or nightclub can turn ugly in a matter of minutes in a worst case scenario, often leaving some women hesitant to meet their Tinder match for date night.

Safety in these situations has evolved over the years, from tips online to signs in bar bathrooms about different movements and phrases for people to use to get out of a tough situation. The true beginning of these movements can never be known, but the first well known one is ‘Asking for Angela.’

This movement originated in Lincolnshire County, England as part of the #NoMore campaign. The idea of this campaign according to MarieClaire is to ‘counteract the harassment that (sadly) many people experience in public situations.’

Another movement inspired by this is called Angel Shots.

A restaurant in St. Petersburg, Florida, called the Iberian Rooster, has encouraged patrons who feel that their date is going badly or that they are in danger to come up to the bar and order an “Angel Shot.”

According to WCNC, the restaurant’s owner says that if a patron orders an Angel Shot “neat,” the bartender will escort them to their car, if it is ordered “on the rocks,” they will call them an Uber or Lyft and if they order it “with lime,” the staff will call the police.

Roughly 27 percent of people aged 18 to 24 use online dating sites. Most online safety tips are for first time dates, however, this doesn’t apply just to first time dates.

Any date can go bad at any time and with bars, restaurants and clubs taking on this new initiative to help women be safe, it is now easier to feel just a little more confident in going out.

This idea isn’t limited to just the restaurant in Florida, either. Other bars and restaurants offering alcohol have taken on the offer as well.

According to Business Insider, a growing number of bars have installed signs in the restrooms to instruct customers how to discreetly ask employees for help. The signs have even been seen in bars as far as a Hooters in South Africa.

Most of the signs start off by asking “Do you feel your date is going bad?” or “Is your plentyoffish/tinder date not who they said they were?” and follow by instructing the person on how to order the shot based on their needs.

While most of the propaganda for this idea is marketed towards women, this doesn’t exclude men as well. Anyone can have a date go wrong or feel threatened in a club or bar. This idea is useful for anyone who feels threatened no matter their age, sex or orientation.

However, opinions on Angel Shots is mixed amongst much of the young adult community. Some people feel positive about the idea like Liz Hathpath, an English major at Sinclair.

“I think it’s really cool. I absolutely love the concept. I read about it on Facebook…and I think it’s absolutely fabulous and I love the fact that they’re starting to do it.’

On the other hand, some people have voiced their concerns about it as well. Deon Goldsmith, a Business Administration major stated,

“It can be a plus and a minus. If you’re on a Tinder date and you don’t know that the person is a psycho, and they have paranoid [tendencies], they could use lime or whichever one and cause a scene.”

The reception of this idea has been relatively positive overall. Safety on dates for men and women is reaching new heights and with growing concern among the general population, it may continue to evolve and grow throughout the years.

Jeri Hensley

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