A game of hits and misses

Golf is my most enjoyable summer hobby.  Nothing beats the beautiful weather and the depressing results.

Golf is my most enjoyable summer hobby. Nothing beats the beautiful weather and the depressing results.

When I think of golf, my head fills with memorable thoughts.

While most enjoy an ice-cold beer on the golf course, I happen to love the little things.

The drives. The shanks. The putts. The over-turned golf carts. Those are the thoughts that stick out.

Around this time of year, I am itching to get on the golf course.

I love the game and it loves me back. Sometimes.

Friendly battles

Each golfer has a group that he or she plays with. My crew includes the pro, the trash-talker, the under-dog and the veteran.

Every one of us spent a portion of our lives on Summerdale Drive in Huber Heights. One day, the friendly rivalry sparked a trip to Goodwill in order to find a prize to battle for. It wasn’t just a jacket. It was “The Jacket.”

“The Jacket” was a vintage, lime-green sport coat that smelled of vinegar. It was hideous, yet, beautiful. It covered the shoulders of the afternoon’s winner while the losers sulked home in their polo shirts.

For less than a summer, “The Jacket” shifted from owner to owner. Until one day, the pro moved away with “The Jacket” in his suitcase.

The things I miss

I miss the competition that golf cooks up between friends and the feeling of immense pressure, courtesy of a three-foot putt.

Being one-under through eight holes and telling every person around my amazing score. Then, turning around to double-bogey my next three holes.

The 300-yard drives that end up two fairways over. The mashing of hot dogs loaded with ketchup, mustard and relish at the turn. The times when you feel unstoppable and your rhythm couldn’t be smoother.

Rising with the sun and damning my 7 a.m. tee-time.

The thrill of sneaking my way on, only to play three holes before getting the boot.

I even miss reaching a par 5 in two shots and three-putting my way to a boring par.

Golf has returned

Warm weather equals time spent at the course. It’s almost that time of year to skip Biology class for an afternoon at the golf course.

The days at the course are unbeatable.

Whether I’m shooting awful or having the round of my life, I can’t help but feel free on the links. Gorgeous days with green grass, the sun on my scalp and a golf club in hand always brings joy to my summers.

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