• Tue. Jun 18th, 2024

Editorial: Success and good vibes is just a click away with our new podcast

Quests to Success Podcast

At The Clarion we are all about self-improvement and going beyond. That’s why this week we’ll be sunsetting our old podcast, The Clarion Chats, and welcoming a new one that will better meet the needs of our listeners. Quests to Success, as our new podcast has been dubbed, promises to represent the spirit of The Clarion and heralds a new chapter for student media at Sinclair.

The decision was made after careful consideration on how best to scale up the quality of our podcasts and move on from The Clarion Chats’ rocky inception. While it no doubt had sparks of brilliance, a lack of polish and consistency stymied the podcast’s growth. Quests to Success will leverage those growing pains with a truly dedicated team ready to give our listeners what they want: an experience of the highest quality. 

Learn from Benjamin ‘Boy Blue’ Baugham what it takes to make it as an artist. He grew up as a busker and street performer and now performs in front of crowds creating masterpieces out of chalk and India Ink.

“For the past two semesters our former podcast The Clarion Chats was highly experimental. Quests to Success is a natural evolution to a more professional broadcast model that brings the high-quality standards our readers have come to identify with our magazine and website,” Ismael David Mujahid, Executive Editor of The Clarion, said.

In keeping with the new podcast’s theme, Quests to Success hosted Benjamin Baugham, also known as Boy Blue, as its first guest. The highly acclaimed chalk and ink artist has put Dayton on the map as a hub for creatives, with his work attracting acclaim nationwide and internationally. His work can be seen on Instagram at @_boyblue_ and Facebook as well as a number of events and shows. 

He added, “Our aim isn’t just to deliver a quality podcast. It’s also to tell stories of success we can all learn from. As college students, we’re all here to make something of ourselves and achieve dreams that can at times feel out of reach. Quests to Success is all about profiling people that have been through that and are willing to share how it’s done.”  

Listeners will hear from professionals in a wide variety of disciplines. Stories of triumph backed by good vibes and high-quality production values is what we are aiming for.

Jaime Herzog, Creative Director of The Clarion, said, “A podcast without direction is simply going to get lost in the background of the now millions of available channels. Unfortunately, that’s where The Clarion Chats was. Lost. While our team learned a lot about the mechanics of podcasting, each episode seemed disjointed from an overarching theme. With our revamp we aim to have a purpose. What is our why and who is our audience. These are questions our team has pondered over for several months. And we are thrilled to now have a focus that not only will be exciting for us to record, but also extremely informative for our listeners.”

The team behind the podcast was happy to reveal its next guest. Best-selling author Vanessa Miller whose latest book, “The American Queen”, was named as one of Good Morning America’s top 15 books of the year, will be hosted by the team to share some key insights into her successful career. 

“Quests to Success will give students a light at the end of the tunnel of their college experience. Each episode will be enlightening and uplifting. We hope to share the blueprints for students to achieve success in their future endeavors. It’s going to be an exciting time for everyone involved,” Herzog added.

Our podcast will be available on a wide array of platforms. Tune in and stick around for more Quests to Success. 

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