All-In Challenge: Empowering Students to Vote

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Sept. 22 is National Voter Registration Day. Since 2012, this civic holiday is observed on the fourth Tuesday of September and continually encourages citizens to share their voices‒to vote

In the 2016 election, college students voted at a rate of 48.3%. However, better can be done. The question one may be wondering is how are we able to make everyone a part of American democracy? The answer: by ensuring that everyone has the opportunity to register to vote, including college students. 

This is where the All-In Challenge was formed. The All-In Challenge is a movement that encourages students in colleges and universities across the country to participate in democracy. It is a nonpartisan movement (meaning it does not take any sides) that empowers students, encouraging them to learn, take up their role as active citizens and make democratic participation a core value on their campus. 

“It’s civic engagement…how we expect change,” said Jeff Price, Sinclair’s athletic director and men’s basketball coach. “It helps [to make sure] your voice gets heard.”

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Through the All-In to Vote website, students can register to vote, learn about how and where to vote, research what is on their ballot, and invite their friends to vote through taking the pledge. It is a great resource for all college students to remain engaged in the upcoming election, and in turn, empower students to make civic engagement an important value. 

“Voting is the gateway to be civically engaged,” said Price. “Sometimes you have to hear the descending voice and be willing to learn it, which is what democracy was set to do.”

Along with many other colleges and universities in the nation, Sinclair is competing for the most pledges. Campuses who get the most students to take the pledge will receive various awards and seals, such as highest student voting rate and most innovative program and activity. Coach Price encourages students to get involved with the All-In Challenge, as you can become civically engaged and involved in democracy today. 

“There’s no small task that is insignificant,” Price said.

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