May 27th Tornadoes Wreak Havoc in Dayton

Tornadoes swept the U.S. Memorial Day evening, leaving a path of destruction in their wake.

Fifty-three tornados reportedly touched down in eight states, with the most damage occurring in Dayton, Ohio. The damage was especially bad in Celina, Trotwood, Riverside and Beavercreek, as one death and 90 injuries were reported as of this writing.

The city of Dayton and Montgomery County as a whole are under a boil advisory, and several residents have been left without power, water or have lost their homes entirely.

The Clarion team has compiled a short list of all the damage thus far.

The Collapsed Aldi | Photo by Adelia Johnson

The Damages

  • Aldi by the Fairfield Commons storefront caved in
  • Power lines down in the street at North Fairfield
  • Part of the roof of Brookville High School blown off, front doors blown in
  • Greene County declared a state of emergency
  • Terrace Park in Brookville blocked off due to exposed power lines
Downed power lines | Photo by Adelia Johnson
  • At one point 64,000 DP&L customers were without power, as of 8 a.m. 56,000 without power, according to DP&L Twitter
  • Dayton Children’s is running on generator power and has no phone service
  • Debris in roadways
  • Traffic lights not working or blown off
  • Houses leveled in Trotwood
  • Unspecified gas leaks throughout Dayton
A police blockade | Photo by Adelia Johnson
Beavercreek business have been wrecked by the storm as well | Photo by Adelia Johnson
  • Cars flipped in streets and pushed into homes
  • Snow plows pushed debris off of I-75
  • More than 70,000 utility customers without power according to US Department of Energy
  • Trees uprooted, branches everywhere
  • More than 50 reports of tornadoes in eight states Monday into Tuesday
More destruction in area businesses | Photo by Adelia Johnson
  • First tornado warning went out at 8:59 p.m. Monday night in Wayne County, west of Richmond
  • Downed power lines causing fires in Beavercreek
  • State of emergency issued for Trotwood
  • Debris makes exteriors of buildings appear like it was shot with sprays of gunfire
A ravaged apartment complex | Photo by euronews

Adelia Johnson
Contributing Writer

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