Dwyn’s Den: Coffee Hot Spots

   Sensing a theme yet? For this weeks Dwyn’s Den I’m gonna run down a list of some of my favorite coffee houses/shops in the Dayton area. Cause we’ve got quite a few hot spots to stop for a good cup of joe, or some nicely brewed tea.

   First on this list is Ghostlight Coffee and Tea. Located on the corner of Wayne and Clover, Ghostlight is less than a five minute drive from Sinclair, and a great study spot.

   They serve a wide variety teas, brewed coffees, lattes and steamers, as well as delicious baked goods. They also offer gluten free and vegan options in their bakery items, as well as several non-dairy milk options.

   Such milk options include the usual soy, almond and coconut milk, but also include options such as macadamia milk, oat milk and goat milk as well, I believe.

   The place itself has a very homey and chill atmosphere. The natural wood everywhere is beautiful and they display work from local artists on one wall, and some remastered coffee themed paintings on their exposed brick wall. The whole place feels exactly how you would expect a cozy coffee cornacopia to feel.

   The place is great to study, meet friends, reads a book or just enjoy the atmosphere and high quality service and products.

   Next is Third Perk, which is easily within walking distance of campus if you don’t mind a nice stroll. I have only attended a few times, but it has a very nice atmosphere and great tea.

   For more information on this awesome spot, you can check out our previous article about the shop and its owner, who is a Sinclair teacher! It’s a nice place to sit and read, or to meet a friend and chat.

   Some other notable spots are The Second Street Market, Press and a few spots in Yellow Springs, such as Dino’s Coffee and the Spirited Goat.

   The Second Street Market is a farmers market-style staple of Dayton. They have great food vendors as well as many farmers and artists who come to sell their products.

   But, one of my favorite spots is the coffee vendor. Their chia is fantastic and they also have many non-dairy milk options, along with many other interesting drinks. My favorite is the chocolate Buddha, which is kinda like a chai tea latte and mocha latte hybrid. It’s amazing.

   While seating can be hit or miss in the market, as it’s often loud and crowded, it’s still a great spot worth checking out. It would likely be hard to try and study or read there, but it’s a great spot to meet a friend!

   Press is in the Oregon district, and I’m gonna be honest, it’s not my favorite. However, many people swear by this place and it seems like very nice spot to study.

   While I’m not a fan of most of their coffee, I love the building and their chai latte is really good. It’s quite spicy, definitely not for the faint of heart, but I do indulge in it on occasion.

   Lastly, there is Wholly Grounds, located on Wayne a few blocks down from Ghostlight. This shop just opened up, and while I haven’t had a chance to visit yet, many of my friends give it high praise. And the fact that name is a bit of a pun gives it points in my book.

   Overall, Dayton has some real hot spots for coffee and tea drinkers alike. Whether it’s to study, meet a friend or enjoy a nice book, chances are one of these places will work quite nicely.

Cerridwyn Kuykendall
Managing Editor

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