Employees Acknowledged at Faculty Recognition Award Ceremony 2019

2019 Faculty Awards winners plaques
2019 Faculty Awards winners

Employee recognition is considered one of the most efficient ways to improve productivity in this day and age, and Sinclair employees are among the hardest working employees in all of Dayton. So, every year, Sinclair Community College acknowledges these hard-working and creative men and women at the Faculty Recognition Reception.

On the 13th of September, professors, advisors and deans of all departments packed into Building 12, where food and drinks were served. Sinclair President Steve Johnson opened the ceremony with words of encouragement and congratulated everyone for their noble endeavors.

Sinclair President Steve Johnson at the Faculty Awards 2019
Sinclair President Steve Johnson at the Faculty Awards 2019

Interim provost Dr. Kathleen Cleary and associate provost Jennifer Kostic then requested all winners to rise for the crowd to see, as everyone in the room applauded respectfully.

Dr. Cleary and Kostic then commenced with the presentation of awards.

The awards covered four categories, including International and national, state honors, local and regional honors and Sinclair honors. Many awards were bestowed, including Faculty Member of the Year (Deborah Strehle), American Advertising Federation Dayton Mercury Award (Amanda Romero) and the Exemplary Leader Award (Kyle Jones). 

ā€œIā€™m humbled and I want to thank Jesus and give him all the glory,ā€ said Ohio Nurse Association – 100 Great Nurses in Ohio winner, Vivian Jackson.

Finally, the two professor emeritus were awarded. The recipients were Richard Jurus, professor of art and Larraine Kapka, professor of engineering technology and design. When asked about her award, Kapka mentioned how many talented individuals were involved in the award and expressed how humbled she felt being given such a prestigious title.

These are only a few of the multiple winners honored at the faculty recognition reception. The reception offered hard-working members of the Sinclair staff the recognition and admiration they deserved for their efforts.

Samuel J. Claude
Managing Editor

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