WWE Smackdown Review 10/9/18

   WWE was live in Indianapolis, Indiana for SmackDown Live. Fresh off the heels of Super Showdown, we now set our focus towards WWE Crown Jewel. The 999th episode of SmackDown is set for an eventful night of action.

Charlotte v. Becky Lynch: SmackDown Women’s Championship

   SmackDown does not wait for heated action. SmackDown kicks off with the once best friends fighting off for the SmackDown Women’s Championship in a rematch from Super Showdown. However, the champion’s advantage is gone for Becky Lynch. The stipulation is in place that if Becky would get herself disqualified, she would lose the SmackDown Women’s Championship.

   This match had it all. Heavy competition, pure aggression and an eventful ending. These two show why they are the best on SmackDown by striving and doing everything in their being for the SmackDown Women’s Championship.

   The match ended in a double count out; however, as Becky tried to escape Charlotte, Charlotte was able to spear her through the SmackDown set.  These two time after time increase the heat in this already boiling rivalry.

   Later on in the night, a match was made official for WWE Evolution. At WWE Evolution, it will be a rematch between these two, but this time in the first ever Last Woman Standing match. This match has the potential to steal the show at Evolution.

Samoa Joe v. Jeff Hardy: World Cup Qualifying Match

   The first World Cup Qualifying match for the SmackDown side puts the returning Jeff Hardy and Samoa Joe in a face off. This was the first time that we have seen Jeff Hardy since his grueling Hell in a Cell match with Randy Orton. While Samoa Joe looks to recuperate after losing to AJ Styles in Australia this past weekend at Super Showdown.

   The left leg of Samoa Joe was injured in the battle with AJ Styles at Super Showdown. That leg would be the target of attack by Jeff Hardy. Jeff would continuously attack that leg to try to take the big man down. That would be the best decision because the leg would be Joe’s downfall as the referee was forced to call for a stoppage. Jeff Hardy is now qualified for the World Cup.

MizTV: WWE Champion AJ Styles & Daniel Bryan

   This edition of MizTV brings guests who will face each other at WWE Crown Jewel for the WWE Championship, AJ Styles and Daniel Bryan. The Miz shows ultimate professionalism by bringing the man who beat him for this opportunity Daniel Bryan to MizTV. Miz attempts to create a story between Daniel and AJ to create division.

   However, the respect between Daniel and AJ is stronger than Miz’s words. They mock and make fun of Miz. Leading to Miz letting out all his pent-up aggression talking about how his shoulder was up when Daniel beat him at Super Showdown. He also states that he has beaten Daniel in the past, he will do it again.

   He then points his attention to AJ. He tells AJ that even though he has held it for almost a year, the title is the most irrelevant it has ever been. It does not main event pay per views. It is all because of the holder.

   Miz concludes his rant by stating that no matter who wins at Crown Jewel, he is the next in line for the WWE Championship. He then introduces AJ’s opponent for the evening, Shelton Benjamin.

Shelton Benjamin v. AJ Styles

   Last week, Shelton picked up a huge victory over Daniel Bryan. He looks to pick up an even bigger, this time over the WWE Champion.  

   In an impressive match, AJ Styles was able to pick up the victory after hitting the Phenomenal Forearm on Shelton for the pin and the win. Daniel at ringside applauds the champion. Daniel and AJ will be a match to see at Crown Jewel.

The Rest of One Night in Milwaukee

   Last week, Aiden English showed the first glimpse into the One Night in Milwaukee with Lana. He states that he was offered six figures to release the full footage. However, he shows it to the world and shows that he made advances with Lana. Before he shows the conclusion, he brings out Rusev.

   Aiden states he will destroy the footage, if and only if he kicks Lana to the curb. Lana comes out pleading to Rusev. Before Rusev makes a decision, Rusev wants to show the full footage. Rusev and Lana state that his evidence was hacked. Showing to the world, there was never one night in Milwaukee.

   Aiden his first attempt had failed, he takes another shot at Lana. Which infuriates Rusev. Aiden has crossed the line, and will pay for his actions of past weeks.

Randy Orton v. The Big Show: World Cup Qualifying Match

   Randy Orton must find a way to use his new attitude and demeanor to topple the 7-foot tall giant to qualify for the World Cup. On the other hand, this is the first time Big Show has stepped in the ring in over a year. He looks to make it a successful return by qualifying for the World Cup.

   In a really competitive match, Randy Orton was able to hit the RKO for the first time in what seems forever on Big Show for the win. Randy Orton is now on his way to Crown Jewel and the World Cup.


   It was not a bad episode of SmackDown. Building towards two different shows at once is weird to see. However, both seem to be must see in the coming weeks.

David Jacobus
Contributing Writer

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