NXT Takeover: New York Review

It is WrestleMania, and there is no other way to start the much anticipated weekend than with NXT Takeover: New York. The future of NXT lays in the hands of two men, but only one can lead the charge.

Every championship is on the line including the United Kingdom Championship. Who were the lucky to have their name written in the lights?

War Raiders v. Ricochet & Aleister Black: NXT Tag Team Championships 4.75/5

The night’s action began as most Takeover events and that is with a highly intense tag team match for the NXT Tag Team Championships.

The War Raiders have ran through the competition and needed new challengers for their titles. New challengers were created by Ricochet & Aleister Black winning the Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic.

Over the past few months Black and Ricochet had increased their chemistry by teaming on NXT, Monday Night Raw and SmackDown Live.

These two teams showed why they are out to change the game of tag team wrestling. They opened Takeover with a highly contested and very intense match leaving all of the fans on the edge of their seat.

Every move, every kick, every strike, the NXT Tag Team Championships could have been decided at any moment. Through all the pain and anxiety, the War Raiders were able to defeat Ricochet & Aleister Black to retain the NXT Tag Team Championships.

After the match, the War Raiders saluted Aleister & Ricochet as the tandem competed in their final NXT match. In a very emotional moment, Aleister Black & Ricochet thanked the NXT crowd one last time. While the lively NXT crowd gave their respect right back to them.

Velveteen Dream v. Matt Riddle: NXT North American Championship 4.5/5

The next contest pits Matt Riddle against Velveteen Dream for the NXT North American Championship.

“The Original Bro” Matt Riddle has been running a tear throughout NXT and the journey brought him to a shot at the NXT North American Championship. However. Velveteen Dream sees a different vision for Matthew Riddle. He sees him lying on the ground while the Dream’s spotlight continues to shine.

After glorious entrances by each man, Velveteen Dream representing the Statue of Liberty and Matt Riddle sporting the pinstripes and colors of the New York Yankees, each man wanted to leave New York as the NXT North American Champion.

The two men laid it all on the line and each brought out new moves from their arsenals. Dream’s title reign looked to be in jeopardy as Matt Riddle looked to lock in the Bromission, but Velveteen was able to counter and pin Riddle.

In a shock to the entire crowd, Velveteen Dream successfully defeated Matt Riddle and walked out of Brooklyn still as the NXT North American Champion.

Pete Dunne v. WALTER: WWE United Kingdom Championship 4.5/5

It now time to decide the biggest prize in NXT UK as Pete Dunne defends the United Kingdom Championship against WALTER.

Pete Dunne has held the United Kingdom Championship for over 680 days and has ran through every opponent that has stood in his way. However, there was one opponent that he has not defeated and that is WALTER.

WALTER had made his presence known that he is going to be the toughest opponent that Pete Dunne had ever faced. However, Pete Dunne had never turned down a challenge and sought to continue his dominant reign as United Kingdom Champion.

These two hard-hitting competitors did everything in their power to destroy each other, from massive strikes by WALTER to the joint manipulation from Pete Dunne. Dunne knew the challenge that stood in front of him and did everything in his power to continue the reign as United Kingdom Champion.

However, one last ditch effort was not enough as WALTER was able to pin and end the reign Pete Dunne to become the new United Kingdom Champion.

The legendary run of Pete Dunne had finally come to an end at 685 days. While one reign ends, it sparks a new beginning as WALTER is now the ruler of the NXT UK brand as the new United Kingdom Champion.

Shayna Baszler v. Kairi Sayne v. Io Shirai v. Bianca Belair: NXT Women’s Championship 4.25/5

It was now time to see who is going to take the helm as the top woman in NXT as Shayna Baszler defended the NXT Women’s Championship in a fatal-4-way against Kairi Sayne, Bianca Belair & Io Shirai.

Each of these women have attempted to dethrone “The Queen of Spades” as the NXT Women’s Champion, but no one had been successful. Kairi Sayne walked in as a former champion, however she was unsuccessful to keep it thanks to Shayna.

These four women all had one goal in mind and that is to become the NXT Women’s Champion. The three challengers knew the intensity of Shayna Baszler and knew Shayna would do anything to make sure the championship remained in her possession.

Io & Kairi over the past few months had formed the tag team the “Sky Pirates” and had formed a powerful friendship. However, in a fatal-4-way, it is every woman for themselves especially when the NXT Women’s Championship is up for grabs.

These women laid it all out on the line to try to walk out as NXT Women’s Champion. However, Shayna saw an opportunity and she went in for the kill.

She was able to lock in the Kirifuda Clutch on Bianca Belair and knock her out to retain the NXT Women’s Championship. The reign of the “Queen of Spades” continues.

Johnny Gargano v. Adam Cole: 2 out of 3 Falls for the NXT Championship 5/5

It is now main event time, a 2 out of 3 falls match for the vacant NXT Championship. Former Champion Tommaso Ciampa had to relinquish the NXT Championship due to neck surgery that would sideline him for quite some time. That is why Triple H made the decision to have a 2 out of 3 falls match to determine the new NXT Champion.

Each man knew the circumstance of this match being that both have been close to capturing but both have failed to win the NXT Championship. That is why each man had to lay it out on the line in order to leave Brooklyn as the new NXT Champion.

In the first fall, it was back and forth from the opening bell. The crowd was split with many wanting Johnny Gargano and many wanting Adam Cole Bay Bay.  

It was Adam Cole however who was able to hit the Last Shot to win the first fall. He was now one fall away from becoming the new NXT Champion.

Johnny knew he had to win the second fall to even have a shot at winning the NXT Championship. But, there is no heart than like Johnny Wrestling’s.  Johnny was able to scratch and claw and dig down deep to lock in the Gargano escape to win the second fall.

It has now come down to this. The next fall determines who wins the NXT Championship. The crowd on the edge of its seat and the emotion at a fever pitch.  

Each man used what they had but no one was able to win the decisive fall. Adam Cole used the Undisputed Era to try to get the advantage over Johnny Gargano, but again, the heart of Johnny Wrestling was stronger than ever.

Johnny was able to overcome the Undisputed Era to lock in the Gargano escape on Adam Cole to become the new NXT Champion. Johnny had finally climbed the mountain and overcome all the obstacles to finally say that he is the NXT Champion. Johnny is now the first and only NXT Triple Crown winner in history.

After the match, Johnny’s wife Candice LeRae came down to the ring to congratulate and celebrate with Johnny.

Then, at the end of the show, Johnny’s rival and former NXT Champion Tommaso Ciampa raised the hand of the new NXT Champion Johnny Gargano. A fitting ending to yet another eventful and emotional NXT Takeover event.


Yet again, another Takeover event that steals the show of the weekend. Each man and woman always put everything into these events to prove why they are the future of WWE.

Every time these events happen it takes my breath away and being in the audience, it took my voice as well. A+

David Jacobus
Staff Writer

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