Tartan Spotlight: Erica Carmack

Erica Carmack
Erica Carmack

Erica Carmack is a former graduate from Sinclair Community College who is currently a Sociology professor here.

However, the most fascinating aspect of Ericka is the way she manages to live her life in and out of Sinclair. Outside of school, she is a mom, wife, professor and even a student. 

She is currently on pace to achieve her doctorate from Capella University in Advanced Studies of Human Behavior in the Winter 2021.

“I’ve actually moved my graduation date up to Winter 2021,” Erica stated.  “Initially I wasn’t graduating until 2024.”

She also teaches courses around the Dayton area at universities such as Wright State and Clark State.

During her time as a student, like many students, she struggled with adapting to the college lifestyle. However, upon looking back, she is thankful for Sinclair, where she learned how to become a successful student.

“I remember not knowing really how to do anything in an academic manner. How to write, study, research, use formatting and searching databases were terrifying,” Erica said. “But, by the end of my program I wasn’t so afraid anymore. The rest of the journey has been hard, stressful, lots of tears and self doubt yet rewarding and feeling accomplished.”

Carmack originally was never intrigued by Sociology. She at first wanted to find her way into working in law enforcement. 

However, now she will be considered an expert in Human Behavior and a doctor of Social Science.

Once she graduates, she plans on continuing to teach around the Dayton area including Sinclair.

“I really do love it. I have a lot to learn still,” Erica stated. “I don’t have all the answers…nor do I want all the answers.”

She still wants to push her students to critically think about issues around the world, especially those that no one knows about. 

Outside of school and her studies, she manages an abundance of priorities within her family that stack high each day. It’s an incredible balancing act. 

“Its chaos. My husband and myself are in school full time, he works a normal week, my schedule is always sporadic, “ Erica stated. “Between dropping kids and picking up kids, making dinner and getting to our designated places, I feel like we are winning the Powerball when we make it everywhere.”

As a mother and wife, she adds on the challenge of going to school not only to teach but to learn as well. She understands what life around her brings each day, but she is able to meet deadlines and communicate with her students on a regular basis when they need help. 

She accepts the challenges and pushes through to get to the next day to start it all over again. Professor Carmack is dedicated to helping students understand sociological perspectives.

  She has persevered and has dedicated herself to learning the world  and all of its many facets. She is now on the verge of accomplishing a monumental feat, achieving her doctorate in Advanced Studies of Human Behavior.

Until then, she will continue teaching and trying to tackle the challenges that come with being a professor, student, wife and mom.

Contact Information:
Email: Erica.carmack@sinclair.edu
Phone: 9376818203

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Staff Writer

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