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Spring Concerts: Sinclair’s Chorale Takes Center Stage with Powerful Vocals


May 15, 2024
Spring Concerts: Sinclair’s Chorale Takes Center Stage with Powerful Vocals

Pastor Mike Todd once shared that “Music has the power to penetrate your soul without your permission.” 

At Friday’s chorale concert that statement ringed so true. Except for the fact we gave ALL the permission. Sinclair’s Chorale ensemble took us on the most beautiful journey during their spring concert held at Hawker Church of Christ in Beavercreek on Friday, April 26. This extremely talented group led by Dr. Andrew Hohman with Karen Miller as the accompanist took us back in time and around the world with their selection of songs.

“The theme was ‘Songs of Introspection’ so everything was a question in the song or had to think about the theme to it.”

– Dr. Andrew Hohman

The concert kicked us off in Africa with their selection of Baba Yetu, an African prayer that was performed in Swahili. Then we jumped back to the 1800s with the song “A Million Dreams” from “The Greatest Showman” movie. Next, the ensemble went a cappella with their selection of “The Longest Time” by Billy Joel. 

Unique to Sinclair, the ensemble allows the music majors to have a solo piece during the concerts. The selection of solos begun with Nicholas Ayres, who actually isn’t a music major, making this particular concert even more special. Ayres’s performance of “Only You” was truly sweet. Letting the first continue, the chorale sung a song from the video game “Civilization VI” with their performance “Sogno di Volare” that they sang in Italian. 

Photo by April Littleton

Returning to the solos, Sa’Vanna Sly sung “I’m Here” from the Color Purple and we got to hear, see and feel why the concert was held at Hawker Church. The acoustics in the building are marvelous and Sly made sure we knew letting her beautiful and strong voice ring throughout the building. Fantasia better watch out! 

The kids and kids-at-heart weren’t left out. Brooklyn Sutherlin brought us all the way to Disney World deep into the bayous of “The Princess and The Frog” with her exquisite selection of “Almost There.” We got sucked right into the movie with her fabulous performance. 

Photo by April Littleton

Wrapping up the event the group sang the timeless and ageless song “Somebody to Love.” The ensemble even recruited guitarist and drummers to make sure we got the whole Queen experience. 

All-in-all the Sinclair Chorale ensemble did terrific. Dr. Hohman shared, “I thought they did well. I thought they did very well! I’m proud of them.” And I must agree. Truly a great concert the whole family could enjoy.

(Featured Image from Canva)

Written by April Littleton, Reporter