• Tue. Jun 18th, 2024

As you’re walking through the third floor of Building 2, you may have noticed that one door is always open. Within, students can find an enchanting and (more importantly) welcoming space for individuals of any faith background to worship and pray.

There are several prayer rugs that are available for use, comfortable seating, as well as a bookshelf filled with information sheets and a diverse range of religious texts.

Paul Strozier, Sinclair’s Multifaith Campus Chaplain explained that while The Peace Place (fourth floor of Building 10) provides a space for prayer, it is not very private, which is how The Prayer Place came to be.

“Last Fall, Alicia Schroeder (Director of Student Affairs) and I met with a few Sinclair staff members who expressed a desire for something more personal and accessible. That led us to begin dreaming and planning. Alicia’s leadership has been invaluable, Jared Cutler was instrumental in locating a room, and Cathy Harter in Student Affairs was very helpful in securing the supplies to decorate. Building services also pitched in to provide furnishings and assist with signage. Overall, a lot of people have worked to make this space available. Our hope is that it will serve the Sinclair family well,” he said.

Many individuals worked together in order to make the space private, peaceful, and welcoming. An anonymous source told The Clarion: 

“The need for a prayer room emerged because students often had to find secluded spaces on campus to pray, which may not always be comfortable or convenient. Providing a dedicated prayer room ensures that students have a safe and comfortable environment to express their religious beliefs and practice their rituals. It also promotes a positive and inclusive campus community.”

The room is designed for individuals of any faith background who wish to have a space to pray and/or meditate. When you use the room, there is a sign on the door that you can slide to “occupied.” Also, be sure to remove your shoes as you enter. Finally, when you leave, remember to slide the sign back to “vacant.”

If you have any questions feel free to reach out to Chaplain Paul Strozier at 937-512-2066. Or visit Sinclair’s Campus Ministry page for more details.

Words and photos by Macey Heys, Managing Editor