• Tue. Jun 18th, 2024

Student Employment Series: Tutoring and Learning Center

Have you ever scheduled an appointment with one of Sinclair’s tutors? Maybe you’ve sent in a paper or two to the Writing Lab. Your tutor could even have been a fellow student! 

Among the departments offering student employment positions is the Tutoring and Learning Center, also known as the TLC. The Clarion spoke to Allie Hawley, manager of the TLC, about how students can get involved (and get paid doing so!). 

The TLC offers two positions up to students. The first is based at the front desk, and the second is much more common: a student tutor. Though these roles are a bit different, both require an interest in helping people – because that’s what students come to the TLC for. 

Front desk workers will help the department handle the schedules of the tutors, being there to answer any questions incoming students may have. To be hired as a front desk employee, students must have at least a 2.0 GPA.

Photo via TLC

The stakes are of course a little higher for student tutors; eligibility includes having a 3.0 GPA or higher, as well as taking at least 6 credit hours for the semester. Furthermore, candidates must obtain a faculty recommendation for the course(s) they wish to tutor and have an understanding of the material.

Hawley stated that tutors are given thorough training before they are put into sessions. They obtain knowledge on tutoring philosophy in both individual and group settings. 

She also described how student tutors often get a “better understanding of their areas of focus” by teaching others. Tutoring is also an opportunity for students to network, get professional references, and build their resumes. 

Hawley encourages students interested in (or already) working at the TLC to share their goals so that the department can better assist them in reaching those goals. 

By hiring students, said Hawley, the TLC is “staying current in what’s going on in the classroom.” The department can get a better picture of what kinds of assignments and expectations are set for students, especially as things like the curriculum fluctuate. They also can obtain “fresh ideas” on what may or may not be working in tutoring.

Photo via TLC

Jason Kim began tutoring computer science (CIS) in fall 2022. He was enthusiastic about the TLC being the “best group of coworkers.”

Despite this, Kim struggled with tutoring at first. He didn’t know if his teaching methods were working or even if he was fully capable of doing this kind of work. Eventually though, he developed a “flow” and is much more comfortable in his role as a student tutor.

“Not everyone can tutor,” said Kim, explaining that not everyone may have the patience it takes to be a tutor. 

He also emphasized the importance of finding a balance between helping the student and doing the work for them. Kim found this more difficult when working with students on programming assignments. 

The student tutor expressed how, even with the challenges, being a student tutor is very rewarding.

Students who are interested in working with the TLC should stop by the front desk and give their information. They should be sure to check with financial aid about their employment eligibility. Tutors can be hired at any time, although hiring is dependent on things like demand and what courses the department needs covered. To contact the Tutoring and Learning Center, students can email tutor1@sinclair.edu or by phone at 937-512-2792.

Stay tuned for the next installment of the Student Employment Series! 

Carly Webster

Staff Writer