Tartan Spotlight: Brandi Manning

In the Tartan Spotlight series, the Clarion takes a look at a Sinclair student, professor, or faculty member to learn about their story and what makes them unique.

Brandi Manning is in her second year at Sinclair Community College. In addition to being a student and full-time mom, Manning works on the front lines in the medical field as a patient care technician at Premier Health. Manning chose to join Sinclair’s nursing program at the Englewood Regional Center, as this location is close to her home and convenient. 

“My experience has been amazing at Sinclair,” said Manning. “College was all new to me and the advisors have been helpful.”

She manages her work hours with school and can get hands-on experience in nursing student’s practice. Being a college student, a mom and a full-time healthcare worker can take a load on a person. Nonetheless, Manning succeeds in her education and career.

Her studies at Sinclair, she says, can be stressful, but she tells herself that she has come this far and that it is all going to be okay. Manning has goals in mind and will continue to succeed. She advises future students wanting to pursue a nursing degree to not be afraid to go for it and to plan for hard work.

When asked why she chose nursing as a career, Manning states, “I knew at a young age I wanted to be a nurse. I have always loved taking care of people.”

In 2013, Manning obtained her nursing aid license. Thereon, she knew she wanted to do more to pursue nursing as her career. 

Manning’s goals after Sinclair include continuing to work at the hospital facility as a registered nurse. Then, she plans to continue her studies at Ohio State University for her Bachelor of Science in Nursing

(Source: National Cancer Institute/Unsplash)

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