How does Sinclair feel about COVID-19 and Campus Closure?

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Sinclair’s campus closure brought on a large impact. For most, this was a place where they were able to study, hang out or work. However, lives are continuously being disrupted by COVID-19 and it has caused many to experience much stress, worry, anxiety and fear. 

A survey where 16 students and professors participated, 75% of those participating were students and 18.8% were faculty. 

-92.3% of students (12 students surveyed) preferred Face-to-Face Instruction.

-2 professors surveyed are incorporating Zoom into their lessons. 

– 46.5% of students report that they are feeling either anxious, irritated, stressed and/or uncomfortable. Also, only 15.3% of students report being sad or uneasy. 

(Source: Flickr/Sinclair Community College)

How do students feel about campus closing and working from home?

“Sad, because I don’t get to see my friends and a lot of students were in Antigone, and now it’s canceled. I’m also happy though because I don’t have to be on campus for over 10 hours,” -Riley Karr, Theatre Performance.

“It was an unfortunate necessity,” -Micheal Carson, Business Administration.

“Bittersweet. I enjoy coming there and interacting with the friends I have there, but I can acknowledge that it is much more important to continue social distancing measures to ensure everyone’s safety,” Henry Wolski, Multimedia Journalism.

“It is getting easier as I am getting used to it. But I believe in personal communication,” -Wade Kuhn, History and Humanities professor. 

Many students and professors are experiencing many different kinds of emotions about campus closing. This event is indeed a difficult one to process but we will get through this together. 

“In the year of 2020, we have phones, email, video chat, and access to the internet, and that is something to be thankful for,” said Andrew Brown, Visual Communications major.

“No one realizes how many daily things we take for granted until something like this happens,” said Jeri Hensley, Journalism major. 

It feels weird driving by places that are usually bustling with people on Friday and Saturday nights that are now empty. 

All in all, it is wise to use this time at home to start valuing the little things. It is crucial to absolutely try to stay positive through this quarantine. We will all get through this, let’s make the most of what we have in front of us.

Jackie Kasner

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