College Credit Plus Hits Record Enrollment Numbers at Sinclair

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At the turn of the new year, Sinclair announced that the number of students enrolled in the school’s College Credit Plus (CCP) program has reached an all-time high s, tallying over 7,800 students.

CCP is a dual-enrollment program at Sinclair that offers students in grades 7-12 the chance to earn college and high school credits at the same time for free.

“We are very excited for the growth of our program, providing over 7,800 students access to college courses while in high school,” Elizabeth Cicchetti, director of the program, said. “We are witnessing more students saving time and money towards earning a college credential. We are proud of our strong partnerships and the services we provide to our high schools, students and families.”

Sinclair’s website states that students save an average of $20,000 of future tuition costs after completing 30 credit hours. CCP students can take classes at any Sinclair location and the college is partnered with over 100 high schools in the Miami Valley.

The program began five years ago under Governor John Kasich, in an effort to provide one dual enrollment program that served as an easy access point to all students across the state. According to the annual report, 73,152 students participated in the 2018-2019 school year.

“The overarching goal of CCP is to provide students access to college credit while in high school to increase college credentials and decrease the cost for students and families,” Cicchetti said.

Cicchetti says that the biggest benefit of enrolling in the program is saving time and money while earning college credits early. It also looks good on a resume and gives prospective students a leg up compared to their peers.

Graphic by Elizabeth Cicchetti

Students also have flexibility in the classes they take. They can enroll in as many or as few as they desire. An average CCP student takes between one and three courses in a single academic year, while other students take a full course load and complete their associate’s degree prior to or at the same time of their high school graduation.

“I was only 15 years old when I started College Credit Plus while still in high school,” Zacchaeus Martin, a recent graduate of the program, said in an interview with Dayton Daily News.

“I was able to take all my CCP credits from Sinclair and transfer that over to Wittenberg University to complete my Bachelor’s degree. I am now pursuing my Masters in Clinical Mental Health Counselling at the University of Dayton. Sinclair put me on track to get as much education in such a short period while saving a lot of money.”

However prospective students are warned of the adversity they will face when transitioning to higher education, as failing a class will result in an F grade on a student’s college as well as high school transcript and can affect scholarship eligibility.

“Students often face adjusting to the change of college courses,” Cicchetti said. “There is more independent work, classes meet less per week and homework carries less weight in a students’ overall grade.”

Cicchetti recommends that students attend the CCP orientation presentation while working with their guidance counselors and Sinclair’s academic advisors to keep themselves on track to meet graduation.

Graphic by Elizabeth Cicchetti

In addition, starting with one or two courses for the first semester will help CCP students ease into the rigors of college coursework. Other resources for students include asking questions in class, utilizing professors’ office hours as well as taking advantage of onsite and online tutoring, such as the math or science labs.

“…Sinclair has worked with high schools to provide guidance and support through innovative waivers, test preparation for students and proactive data points to catch students at risk,” Cicchetti said.

Last year, the CCP student success rate was 93%, according to Cicchetti. This is on par with the 2018-2019 average rate of 94%.

Sinclair’s website states that families using CCP have saved over $11.5 million. The program is located at Building 6, room 120 and those requiring information can contact officials at CCPLUS@SINCLAIR.EDU or by dialing 937-512-5188.

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