Local Business Spotlight: Luna Gifts and Botanicals

The front of the store, with plenty of plants in sight. (Taken by Staff Photographer Brian Walker)

Luna Gifts and Botanicals is a small local business focused on providing “unique one of a kind gifts for the people of Dayton and the surrounding areas.” The shop is located at 261 Wayne Ave., in the Oregon District. 

Luna opened in September 2016 and was started by Carly Barrett, Tracy Robillard, Brittany Smith, Kelsey Kussman, Sarah Smith and Kelly Fortener. The owners “saw a demand in the market for botanical natural products,” which is shown through Luna’s popular sales with their indoor houseplants.

“By supporting small local businesses you are engaging with your community and contributing to lives by choosing to spend your time and money in local shops,” Sarah Smith said.

When being involved with a local business, a customer is able to see behind the scenes a bit more than one would with a large chain. This is especially prominent in today’s modern age through the use of social media.

Luna Gifts and Botanicals is active on their Instagram account (@luna_gifts) and states that “social media platforms are the easiest and cheapest way for us to engage with our customers directly.”

“We love getting feedback and seeing the different ways our customers find joy in our products,” they also said.

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A look at some of Luna’s merchandise. (Taken by Staff Photographer Brian Walker)

Luna is able to obtain its wide array of botanicals by working with local wholesale plant nurseries. Aside from the popularity with their variety of houseplants, “air plants and air plant accessories are also very popular.” 

Some underrated products include their great variety of books that “serve as a great starting point for anyone interested in learning more about plants, gems and other natural topics.”

The staff at Luna also make efforts in sustainability and environmentalism as they “take pride in recycling the materials from our packaging in the appropriate way. We also reuse and recycle display items and make every effort to encourage our staff and customers to keep it simple and be aware of ways they can make green choices in their own lives.”

In regards to the future of Luna, they are currently focused on “servicing our customers at this current space” but they mentioned that they have “big dreams for the future.”

For those interested in visiting Luna Gifts and Botanicals, it is open 11 a.m.-8 p.m. every day including weekends.

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