The Unofficial Sinclair Community College Survival Guide

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College can be a stepping stone into a brighter and more prosperous future. However, it does not come without its difficulties. While college is an amazing place to foster one’s independence and gain worldly knowledge, it is also a place of hard work, dedication and usually lots of stress. 

Jumping into the 2019 fall semester at Sinclair Community College, here are some tips to help you not only survive, but flourish in your college and career experiences. 

If you are just beginning your educational journey at Sinclair, know that it is a goldmine of new opportunities and experiences!

Georgeann Enright, a former professor at Sinclair who had taught nursing and medical classes for 23 years, explains how important it is to be aware of the many avenues for success that Sinclair Community College provides. She says there are a great number of resources available – from orientations, to tours and to workshops.

In addition, Sinclair is staffed by people who care and wish to assist you, contains a large library of books and sources for any class you’ll ever take and offers many other advantages. Another good aspect of attending Sinclair is the exceptional cost; not many schools offer this level of education for such a low price. 

One of the first things to do when starting your first semester at Sinclair is selecting your classes and extracurricular activities. Enright, who has a great deal of experience at the college scene, gives some advice for those trying to find direction in their career and college life.

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“General Education classes can be very beneficial for figuring out what your passions are if you aren’t sure of what they are already,” Enright said. “Career tests and academic advising appointments are also very helpful. Find out what your interests and hobbies are – then you can begin to try things like job shadowing.” 

She is also very adamant about joining activities and working jobs that will aid in your developmental journey. 

Chase Jennings, a sophomore, says he is always very mindful when selecting what he will participate in each year. He makes sure to leave enough time for school work without overworking himself, as having time to breathe is necessary.

Kenzie Tkach, a second-year CPP student, says she thinks that one of the most important things to keep in mind when registering for classes is figuring out which ones you will enjoy. 

It may be tempting to try to just tough it out before you are in the class, but it will not be in your best interest to subject yourself to that much stress. Making a schedule and sticking to it is absolutely essential, both Jennings and Tkach say. 

Stress management is a big part of college. It is very harmful for your body and it is extremely vital that you take care of yourself so that you are able to accomplish all of your goals and dreams. Jennings says a great way to relax is to socialize with the people who care about you. This could be family, friends or anyone that you trust.

Former president, Barack Obama, talks about dealing with stress. (Source: HuffPost/YouTube)

This is a great option because humans are naturally social creatures and it is a good way to bounce your ideas off of others. Tkach also reiterates how helpful it is to spend time with loved ones; she adds that she usually goes to a coffee shop to relax and talk about her problems with her best friend (that would be me).

Some other relaxation options may include sports, reading, self-care or spending time outdoors. Whatever method of stress-relief you choose, make sure it is the healthiest option for you and for others!

College is worthwhile for numerous reasons. Although it is not suited for everyone, it can be the launching pad for countless peoples’ lives. Sinclair Community College is a great place for so many individuals from different walks of life to study.

Whether you are a high school student trying to earn credits before going to university, in your 20s just beginning your degree or you are an older individual coming to further expand your knowledge and career opportunities, Sinclair is bound to be able to help you succeed in your endeavor. Remember to work hard, make friends and live life to the fullest this year! Good luck to everyone.

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