Millennial Problems


Millennials today face different problems than the generations before them. Millennials are people who will reach young adulthood in the 21st century. They are also sometimes called Generation Y and are born between the years 1981-1996. Millennials face problems that previous generations did not. 

The first problem millennials face would be the fact that they have college degrees and are seeing no increase in pay. According to Pew Research Center, Millennials appear to have accumulated slightly less income than older generations had at the same age. Millennials seem to be making the same amount as Generation X in 2001.

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The second problem millennials face are mental issues. Between social media and pressure from society depression and other major mental issues are on the rise.


The third issue millennials face is debt. Millennials have thousands of dollars of debt due to credit card debt and school loans. On average, millennials have between $30,000-$40,000 accumulated debt between credit cards and school debt. 


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