Sinclair Holds Spelling Bee

On Tuesday, May 21, 2019 Sinclair held a spelling bee at the Tartan Marketplace for employees and community members.

The winning team came from the student affairs department, named Livin’ Clean. The team is comprised of Larry Lindstrom, the Multifaith Campus Ministry Chaplain, Tristan Chaput, the Coordinator of Student and Community Engagement and Eugene Oswald, the superviser of the learning and tutoring center.

There were three more teams that participated, including the advising team and the English team. Livin’ Clean had cheerleaders on the sideline, holding signs to cheer them on.

(Credit: Sinclair Instagram)

The MC of the event was David Bodary, chair of the communication department.

 “I got roped into this,” said Bodary jokingly.

They began with a practice round, and each team had only one minute to answer. The first word of the round was “Odyssey.”

In addition, there was spelling bee themed food for people to snack on, including alphabet crackers, peanut butter bees and Honeycombs cereal.  

(Credit: Sinclair Instagram)

The advising team’s name was “I don’t know what I am doing here,” and they lost the first round. The next word was, “daiquiri,” which Livin’ Clean got right.

When it came to the championship round, the cheerleaders were on the edge of their seats, hoping for Livin’ Clean to win.

The last word was “zabaglione,” an Italian dessert or a beverage. It was up to all three teams to get it right. Livin’ Clean won the championship.

The members of Livin’ Clean, as well as their cheerleaders, were ecstatic about the victory, and look forward to the next competition.

Valencia Bruno
Contributing Writer

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