Voices of Sinclair: The Gift of Giving

   With Black Friday having just passed and the holidays around the corner, many are getting gifts for their loved ones and friends.

   Whether it be an expensive gift or one on the sentimental and personal side, gifts come in many shapes and forms. Sometimes gifts can be funny, and sometimes they can bring tears.

   Regardless, everyone has a story of their favorite or possibly weirdest gift they have ever received.

   “The weirdest gift I’ve ever received was a bag of oranges. It was around the time I ate oranges like crazy, ” said student Ben Knab. Even though a bag of oranges is an unconventional gift, thought was definitely put towards the fact that he had loved oranges anyway.

   Sometimes gifts can be unexpected, but that can be what makes them great gifts.

   “The weirdest gift I’ve gotten would be a pillow. It was funny because I wasn’t expecting it but I still loved it,” said Lydia Tuuri.

   Speaking of unexpected gifts, Jackson Taulbee tells the story of a more silly gift his sister received, “My grandmother gave my 20 year old sister a reindeer onesie. She said it was adorable when my sister put it on. I couldn’t breathe I was laughing so hard.”

   Alex Olson also told his tale of an interesting gift he received, “One time I got a picture as a gift, but it counted more as an I.O.U.”

   Some gifts pertain directly to the winter season.

   “My grandpa got me a spray bottle of de-icer for my windshield one year,” said Caitlin Wilson.

   Some have fond memories of gifts that were popular at the time, including myself. I was ecstatic to receive a Wii for Christmas in 2009.


   Levi Emerick’s story is similar, “Getting a Wii was one of the most exciting gifts I received when I was younger. I really wanted one because it was the hype of the time and everybody had one.”

   Brad Steinke tells a similar tale, “One of the most exciting gifts I’ve gotten is an Xbox 360, even though I didn’t end up using it all that much.”

   Although some gifts hold an objective value, others carry a sentimental value.

   Jenna Moening, who is a nursing student at Sinclair, tells the story of a gift that holds a significant meaning to her:

   “One of my best holiday gifts that I received was from a family friend’s grandmother named Janet who was a nurse when she was younger,” Moening said. “She gave me a stained glass ornament that her husband, Bill, had made her when she had graduated from nursing school and had her ribbon from her old uniform. It was her way of saying that she’s passing it on to me as I start nursing school and told me how proud she was to share such an amazing passion with me.”

   Whether it be a silly gift shared between friends or a gift given with deep sentimental meaning, memories of gifts can be a significant part of the overall memories of friends and family during the holiday season.

Sean Kahle
Staff Writer

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