NexGen: 2018 Design Department Portfolio Show


   On May 1 Sinclair’s Design Department will host its 24th annual design showcase: NexGen: Design Innovated. The show will feature first and second year students from both the visual communications and interior design departments, and will display their work.

   First year students will have the opportunity to present their student portfolios to industry experts for professional assessment, and to challenge them academically next year.

   Second year students will present a professional portfolio of their best work to several industry experts, the first year students and the general public at the open house portion of the night.

   For the general public, the Design Portfolio show opens at 7:30 p.m., allowing friends, family and others to explore the wide array of designs on display. The open house will take place in the Great Hall of the building 12 conference center on the first floor, no ticket or registration required.

   For students of the program, NexGen begins long before the open house. Beginning at 4:00 p.m. they will attend various alumni design presentations and panel discussions, followed by their portfolio assessments with professional evaluators.

   “These are the people they are going to be networking with soon. These are the people who are able to provide them with some wonderful tips and tricks on how to get their next job,” says design department chair Amanda Romero at last years portfolio show.

   There will be plenty to see at NexGen: Design Innovated with over 70 first year students and over 50 graduating design students.

   In addition to the students and industry professionals, also attending this show are alumni of both design programs, acting as portfolio evaluators and as guest speakers and panelists. They return to Sinclair after their own graduations from the college, and with years of experience earned in their career fields.

   The Design Department’s Portfolio Show has a new style every year. At the beginning of each spring semester, small teams of second year students have the opportunity to submit design proposals to the 10 members of the visual communications and interior design advisory board for the “brand identity” of the end of year show.

   Each team must prepare a short presentation, displaying a concept that includes the minimum of: a finished logo, an example of a printed postcard with their brand concept, and an electronic save the date card.

   The advisory board then nominates the students with the best concept and the team is assigned two faculty advisors and given just under 16 weeks to design and produce the necessary materials and elements for the design show.

   The original designers of the 2018 show are visual communications students Jennybeth Freeman, Cecelia Freeman, and Cairn Robinson.

   After nomination, second year visual communications student, Whitney Manfreda, joined the core design team and two first year students, Reed Knecht and Delaney Adams, were added as production members.

   This team is responsible for designing and producing all invitations, posters, emails, social media posts, t-shirts, event decorations, etc. Supervised by faculty advisors, the students must execute good time management and adherence to fast paced deadlines in order to manage the project, in addition to coursework for their classes.

   Over 120 students will put their work up for all to see on May 1 at NexGen: Design Innovated.

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