Norman Finkelstein at Sinclair


   In an article last week we briefly talked about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and a political scientist, Dr. Norman Finkelstein, who came to Sinclair to speak on this topic.

   Finkelstein holds a PHD in political science from Princeton University, and is a renowned political scientist. He focuses largely on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and the Holocaust.

   Finkelstein is also a professor and an author of many books, including “The Holocaust Industry: Reflections on the Exploitation of Jewish Suffering” which reflects on his second focus, the holocaust.

   Finkelstein spoke at the event Gaza: Martyrdom and Betrayal for nearly an hour and a half last Thursday at Sinclair. He presented some facts, as well as his own educated opinion, pertaining to the conflict.

   Finkelstein talked about what he said were a few facts that people should know about Palestine. The first was that the population of Palestine is predominantly refugees, either current refugees or descendants of one.  

   The second was that 51 percent of the population are children, under the age of 18. His third point, was that Gaza is “sealed shut.” Meaning it is difficult for people to flee the conflict.

   Finkelstein also talked about events that happened between the two sides, and some of the legal conclusions and media representation that occured after those events.

   Another point of his was the Goldstone report, which was issued by Judge Richard Goldstone in regards to Israel’s attacks on Gaza in 2008. The report was later redacted and the judge expressed regrets that the report may have been inaccurate. Finkelstein addressed a theory that blackmail may have been a factor in the judge’s decision to redact the report.

   The evening had quite a turnout, many students and faculty attended the presentation to hear Finkelstein speak, and to later ask him questions about his opinion on the topic.

   The event took almost a year to finalize, as Finkelstein is a highly sought after speaker.

Cerridwyn Kuykendall
Associate Editor

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