Guitar Hero tournament

On Tuesday, Oct. 3, Sinclair’s student engagement center will be hosting their second annual Guitar Hero Tournament from 1-3 p.m. in the basement of Building 8.

The tournament is open to all students, and can accommodate any number of players. Registration can be done there up until the tournament starts, or you can pre-register through a link online at the Sinclair student and community engagement website.

The tournament will be featuring the fourth game of the series, “Guitar Hero: World Tour,” which has 86 songs from multiple genres including ‘80s, ‘90s, classic rock and a good amount of emerging bands from the early 2000s. Although “World Tour” was the first game in the series to incorporate the use of other instruments, as well as vocals, the tournament will only be using the guitars.

The tournament will be set up in a bracket style, with two competitors playing at a time. The competitors will choose the song and difficulty level, ensuring sportsmanship remains a key element of the tournament. The trophy for the winner of the tournament will again be designed and built by students of the STEM Guitar Project at Sinclair.

Kates Brommeland, the coordinator of student engagement at Sinclair, is leading this event. She hopes that this event, as well as the many other events student engagement hosts throughout the year, can “really connect students to campus,” and could lead to “new friends, new opportunities and exploring new ideas and concepts.”

Brommeland also said that this tournament came from a request by a student, so if you have an idea for any other events they could host, visit the student engagement team in the basement of Building 8 in room 025.

“Guitar Hero” is a series of games that was first released by Activision in November 2005 on Playstation 2. The games use a controller resembling a real guitar, and it allows you to play along to a wide selection of music. It was given great reviews by most critics with a Metascore of 91 on Metacritic. Due to the stellar reviews and high sales, Activision released several more main titles for the series, as well as expansions and mobile versions.
After “Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock,” the sixth main console game in the series, was released in September 2010, it would be another five years before the most recent title, “Guitar Hero Live,” was released.
You can also go online to to find a schedule of events already planned. There is also a soccer game going on that day, and you can register for it at the same time.

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