New RTA passes for students and faculty

The RTA of Greater Dayton have implemented a new semester pass program for Sinclair students, faculty and staff.

The passes were created as part of a new agreement between Sinclair and RTA and are on sale until the end of September and will be valid through the end of the Fall semester, December 24. They are exclusive to college students, faculty and staff.

They cost $175, and are only available for purchase at the bookstore. RTA estimates the potential savings for students to be close to $100 in bus fare when compared to buying weekly or monthly passes. It is also eligible to be purchased with financial aid for students who qualify.

A valid Tartan I.D. is required when buying the pass, as well as when boarding a bus.

The Downtown Dayton Sinclair location is No. 1 on the list of RTA’s “Top 10 Destinations,” that buses drop off and pick up customers. A significant portion of Sinclair’s 30,000 students and 3,300 employees rely on public transportation to get them to and from their classes and jobs.

“RTA is a great partner in understanding our mission of student success,” said Paul Murphy, Sinclair’s director of Business Services. “For many students, having bus transportation is essential to completing their degree.  Not only does the new pass erase an obstacle to getting to class, and the tracking system on the passes will ensure that the investment students are making will not be lost. It’s a win-win.”
Mark Donaghy, the CEO of RTA believes the pass will make transit accessible and more affordable for students, faculty and staff.

“The semester pass will eliminate the transportation concern of students and allow them to focus on academics,” Donaghy said. “We hope the success of this partnership will lead to similar projects throughout the region.”

The four month pass provides students and faculty with an opportunity to save money and still have a way to commute to school and work. Similar passes will be available for the Spring and Summer 2018 semesters.
There is also an opportunity for one member of the Sinclair community to win a semester pass for the Spring semester due to a promotion by the RTA. The semester pass holder that goes on the most rides over the semester will become Sinclair’s “Ultimate Rider” and will win a free pass for the Spring Semester.

Henry Wolski
Executive Editor


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