How to say goodbye

Saying goodbye can be tearful and full of heartache. It can also be joyous and full of excitement for the future.

Either way, good or bad, it is hard to say goodbye.

This week’s edition of the Clarion features my final “How To,” and honestly, I don’t have any good advice.

I have spent that past nine months giving you advice on many things ranging from procrastination to being southern, catching your prey and being basic. I hope you take all the tips and tricks and put them to some good use.

This week I want to you reminisce with me and share in my joyous moments.

I moved to Ohio about five years ago, and I truly hated living here. There was nothing to do and I didn’t know anyone.

When I made the decision to come to Sinclair in 2015, I had no idea I would appreciate that decision so much.

I became a designer for the Clarion my first semester here. I met Barton and Gabby, Isaac and Anthony. All of them wonderful people, each with different personalities and interests.

My second semester, Spring 2016, I had my first journalism class with Avainte as my instructor and Laina as a classmate. I wouldn’t trade anything for the memories of sitting in the back laughing and dying when certain people would make comments.

My third semester came, and the Clarion staff changed some. Gabby left us, but Barton and Laina became the editorial team.

I have watched the Clarion go from being arts-centered to news and politics-centered.

Anthony and I were able to collaborate and bring the news, features and arts to life with visuals that caught your attention.

That same semester I found some of my friends that will be stuck with me for life now.

Jessalyn is truly the best friend I could ask for. I left my best friend behind in Tennessee (not that we don’t still talk but still,) and I had this void that needed to be filled.

Words are hard, but we made it work. She is the Fry to my Bender.

Then there are the others – Ashley, Taylor, Shawn, Goldie and so many more. You are all wonderful people with wonderful paths to find and follow.

I hope we can all catch up one day and laugh about the times we had at Sinclair.

Then spring came and along with it my final semester with Sinclair and the Clarion.

Our design team changed. Anthony received an internship that we are so proud of him for, and Jeri came to join us.

We have new staff members in the business department that are truly magical and bringing in the dough.

Laina and Barton continue to thrive and pump out content like their life depends on it. You see the passion they have for journalism and spreading truth, even when they complain about their writing or receive harsh feedback.

We have all made our mistakes working at the Clarion. I have let design errors slip through my fingers, but we all bounce back ready to go at it again the next week.

I will miss these people and friends, the good times and the bad, but I want you all to know that you’re important to me. I love you guys, friends and readers alike.

Brittany Fletcher
Creative Director

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