“The Ruins” Blog: Cutting the Fat

Okay, I lied.

But I’ll make it up tonight.

Picking up where I left off, the challenge was one that could’ve gone to either team. But, the Champions took it.

Veronica was thrown into the elimination against KellyAnne, while Syrus chose Cohutta as his opponent. For the second elimination in a row, the Challengers sent both Champions packing. Cohutta’s target doubled in size as his bank notched to 16,000.

With tonight’s episode, the Challengers desperately need a win. Cohutta will be targeted each elimination until he loses and he won’t keep getting eliminations that don’t exploit his weakness – which is his size. Every guy on the Champions’ squad is for lack of better word, huge.

The other reason the Challengers have to win is to try to get rid of Casey. That’s the only way she’ll be put into the elimination. If she wins, then her worth improves, if she loses then you get addition by subtraction.

The Champions’ squad is down to seven players – five guys, two girls – which makes them a lot more dangerous than before. They have cut down all the fat from their team. The biggest problem for the Challengers will be preparing their team for the final challenge. If they can get rid of Casey then I think their chances of upsetting the Champions will greatly improve. The Challengers girls are stronger than the Champions and Dunbar and Brad aren’t too bad either. Cohutta has proven that he belongs in the game, taking down heavyweight Wes and Syrus.

There’s not too many episodes left and with the teams getting down to their final players, it will be interesting to see what happens next.

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